The Cruise design is the most popular board in the NSP range and one of the most popular SUP’s in the world. Built with NSP’s E+ construction, the E+ Cruise comes in four different sizes.

–  Cruising on the water is the purest experience of SUP.

–  Suitable for riders of all sizes and skill levels, the design features a wider nose and rounded square tail creating a stable platform with generous volume and easy turning.

–  The double concave bottom shape delivers glide that makes this a super stable and fun board on flatwater and in small waves.

–  The E+ Cruise is a favorite of SUP schools and rental centers around the globe with a secure lockable feature on the nose that is ideal for locking up on the dock or trailers.

–  Now available in CocoFlax, CocomatElements and P2 Soft construction with eco-friendly bio-resin.

Round tail for the 9'8"

As the smallest and most performance-oriented version of the E+ Cruise, the 9’8″ comes with a round tail. While the rounded square tail in the rest of the range gets rid of a lot of water very quickly, the rounder tail of the 9’8″ benefits from more control and precise turning angles.

Accessories Included

  • Nylon fin 8" (9" for 11'0 and 11'6)

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Size Chart

LengthWidthThicknessVolumeWeight +/- 5%
9'8''32''4 ⁵/⁸166.212.1
10'2''32''4 ⁷/⁸205.413.3
11'0''31''4 ¹/⁴19013.7
11'6''33''4 ³/⁴223.915.17

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