DC Surf X

NSP’s ultimate performance quiver to cover all conditions. Shaped and designed by legendary shaper Dale Chapman, the DC Surf X is only available in premium SLX technology. This performance board rewards accomplished riders with excellent wave riding characteristics, reduced weight and bomb-proof durability.

The teamrider choice, for light riders who refuse to compromise and who’s board is an extension of their senses.

Built for advanced, light (50-65kg) and agile surfers.  The board performs brilliantly in the pocket, it’s extremely fast and very responsive in quality waves

Surfs like a 6’2 shortboard, super responsive and stable for its size, highly recommended for 75-85kg surfers

An extended version of the 8’2”, it paddles extremely well into waves. The board loves getting out in the face for round house cutbacks! Ideal for 75kg-95kg intermediate to advanced surfers

Longer high-performance design that surfs the same as the 8’2”. The go-to board for taller or more solid 80kg-100kg+ surfers

All Surf X shapes have increased rocker in the nose and tail to give greater control in large surf conditions, while the domed deck gives extra volume in the standing area.

The range bottom shape: Single concave at the nose for improved paddling speed into waves while the double concave with V in the tail keeps speed and flow through turns.

Accessories Included

Size Chart

LengthWidthThicknessVolumeWeight +/- 5%
6'10"233 ³/⁴67 Liters5.65
7'8''27 ³/⁴3 ³/⁴82.1 Liters6.21
8'2''27 ¹/⁴4 ¹/⁸98.2 Liters6.36
8'6''284 ¹/⁴105 Liters7.01
8'10''284 ¹/⁴112 Liters7.3

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