“It’s the silence that really hits you, the first time you lift off”: Open up a whole new world of waveriding! Catch waves that refuse to break and fly over the slower sections with grace and speed. But the DC Foil X is so much more –  designed for foiling, the shape lends itself just as well for conventional wave riding.



Downwinding, wake foiling, tow-in or windfoiling, the SLX DC Foil X can do it all. And with a dual mounting system, riders with both tuttle- and twin rack systems can interchange their setup as they see fit.

– Maximize every wave with power and speed.
– With a huge sweet spot for a board this size, this foil board is designed for maximum stability.
– Features multi foil fin box options strategically positioned to optimize control.
– E-glass hybrid rail with deck/bottom matt colour and polished rails.
– Full-length uni-directional carbon stringer for added strength.
– Biaxial carbon-reinforced foil box.
– FCS II fin system.
– Diamond grooved EVA tail pad with side and a center T-bar ridge for easy foot placement while foiling.

The DC Foil X is shaped and designed by legendary shaper Dale Chapman. Paired to the NSP Airwave or conventional fins (thruster works best for fast and loose rides), a hybrid works well on- and over the surface. It’s time to fly.

Dual mounting systems

The DC Foil X features a Tuttle box and a twin-track mount; these are the two most widely adopted foil systems on the market. The dimensions of the DC Foil X accommodates a Tuttle box, a bomb-proof construction that’s been honed and improved for years. Those who want to tune their board and compare different positions can adjust their foil with the twin-track mount.


Accessories Included

  • 3x NSP J5 RTM fins

Size Chart

Length Width Thickness Volume Weight +/- 5%
7'6"29"4.25"116 litersEst 8.8 kg

Bag details

Bag Name Dimensions Designed for
SUP Surf S244 x 83cm7'6"

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