Hybrid Foil

Based on one of the best selling surf shapes, NSP is excited to add a foil surfer to the 2019 line-up. Constructed with our award-winning and most environment-friendly technology, the NSP CocoFlax Hybrid foil is your ticket to flying over swell that you wouldn’t even try to paddle into on a conventional surfboard.

Rail: Full
Bottom: Flat
Ideal (surf!) waves: 1-5ft
Level: Expert

– Based on the 6’0” Hybrid shortboard, the Hybrid Foil is extremely responsive, manoeuvrable and fast.

– Combining lightweight CocoMat technology with the new 2019 CocoFlax rails creates a lightweight, eco-friendly and sustainable Hybrid Foil.

– 2 x Surf 10 boxes for hydrofoil attachment & 3FCS II boxes for surfing.

Twin track mount

The Hybrid foil has the DNA of a surfboard with a thickness of just 2.5″ and as such, a proven mounting system like the twin track setup works best for this board. By evenly spreading the force exerted on the board, in combination with the patent-pending CocoMat technology, the longevity of your surf foil is a given.

Size Chart

LengthWidthThicknessVolumeWeight +/- 5%
6'0"20.5"2.5"35 liters3.63 KG (ex. foil)

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