Butter Knife

The Butter Knife is a Carl Schaper creation. Best known for his longboards, this shape is second to none, when it comes to his mini-tank designs.

“We have had so many guys come back so stoked on riding the board they bought for their daughter!”
Carl Schaper

The Butter Knife with its classic outlines, perfect performance longboard rockers and well-thought-out volumes is a winner across the board. Suitable for all abilities, surfers get to ride these as single fins in the smaller conditions and let its nose riding capabilities surprise them. And when it gets a bit punchier, you can just slip in the side bites and you have a perfectly riding board for just about all conditions.

Built with NSP’s Shaper’s Union Custom Surf Epoxy (CSE) layup, we came up with a unique glassing schedule for the Butter Knife,  instead of a one-size-fits-all technology. The boards come with a clear UV-stable resin and satin rub finish and combined with a CNC-cut EPS core, laminated with full 220g (8oz) biax glass + 4oz deck and 6oz bottom, a 4oz fin patch, a 6mm wood stringer, bottom carbon stringer and carbon-reinforced tail, giving you a durable, high-performance longboard with flex that feels light and responsive.

The Butter Knife comes in a 4+1 fin configuration enabling you to be creative in your set-up as a quad or thruster. NSP positioned the Surf 10 fin box slightly further back to make it available for a thruster set-up.  All Butter Knives come with FTU fin boxes and are compatible with Futures® Fins (fins not included).

“This thing is mental!!!!! Wish a big comp on the sunny coast was going ahead….. this thing will blow minds!”
Paul Jonesy

The Dream Factory

Holding court at the Waialua Sugar Mill, Carl manages a former warehouse that houses a shaping bay, a surf shop with over 200 customs at all times, plenty of surf accessories and an art gallery featuring works from local artists.

With a wide-open showroom, a clear view for shop visitors who get to see what goes on in the shaping and glassing areas, it’s basically the stuff of dreams for anyone who’s into surfing.

Schaper shaping philosophy
“Keep it simple, stay neutral and make sure the boards are fast. Get the right board for the right guy for the right conditions.”

Size Chart

Length Width Thickness Volume Weight +/- 5%
8'0"21"2³/⁴"55 L4.73
8'6"22"3"64.5 L5.34

Bag details

Bag Name Dimensions Designed for
Board sock 8'0"8'0" x stretchy8'0"
Board sock 8'6"8'6" x stretchy8'6"
Surf day bag 8'6" 4mm271 x 69 cm8'0" and 8'6"
Surf travel bag 8'6" 8mm271 x 69 cm8'0" and 8'6"

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