Board Sock

The board sock is the most lightweight board protection option. A board sock mainly serves to protect your board from scratches, sun damage, and minor dings. So if your board(s) never ride on top of the car and they don’t get too much sun exposure then these are a great option!

NSP socks come with a padded nose, as this is usually the most vulnerable part of the board when you make your way through the house, garage, closet or storage space on your way to the beach. Pluse these socks also do a great job at keeping wax, sand, and water away from your goodies after your session.

Why use a board sock?

Well usually, the more high-performance your board is, the more fragile it is as well. Anyone who’s regularly driving their equipment to the beach and has the luxury of loading their boards in the back of their car knows the value of a board sock:

– Keep the board away from sand or UV-exposure, and avoid scratching whenever you hit a bump or pull up on a ramp.
– Keep your car clean by separating your waxed up board from your car’s interior
– Protect the fragile nose of your board with an additional patch on the nose of the sock
– Stretchy material adapts to the shape of your board
– Available in 8 sizes and two different shapes for both longboards, mid-length and shortboards in the NSP range

Lightweight, flexible and soft. With extra protection for the nose, the NSP board socks protect your boards against scratches, sun & dirt:

board sock tip
Added protection for the nose of your board(s)

board socks for storage

Ideal for those looking to pack and travel light or simply for extra protection when storing indoors, a board sock keeps your board safe. Period.
For more heavy-duty board bags, or bags for SUP and other oddly-shaped boards, please have a look at our board bag overview.

Bag details

Bag Name Dimensions Designed for
6'6" Pointy6'6 x stretchyShortboards
7'0" Pointy7'0" x stretchyShortboards & mid-length
7'6" Round nose7'6" x stretchyMid-length
8'0" Round nose8'0" x stretchyLongboards
8'6" Round nose8'6" x stretchyLongboards
9'0" Round nose9'0" x stretchyLongboards
9'6" Round nose9'6" x stretchyLongboards
10'0" Round nose10'0" x stretchyLongboards

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