Fireball Strut bladder replacement

Accidents happen, but an NSP Fireball bladder is easily replaced in case of a puncture or rupture. These OEM bladders come with the correct valve and are ready to be installed into your wing from the get-go.

THe NSP Fireball has a modular design that allows you to easily disassemble the different parts, should you ever want to replace something.

Just pick the segment you need (strut or leading edge), pick the size you need, and order online.

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– an even floor without sharp objects
– a piece of string
– some tie-wraps
– an additional set of hands or a weight to keep your Airwing in place


Every NSP Fireblade bladder features the same high quality and thickness that your original Fireball came with. Simply pick your size NSP Fireball replacement bladder, and you will be up on your foil in no time again. For the exact SKU references, have a look at this chart.

If you are looking for the replacement bladder for your Airwing’s leading Edge, simply click here