100% Carbon Speedster 81

Our new Speedster racing blade integrates a parallel edge outline that gives racers a quick and precise catch. The parallel edge outline also helps release, allowing for a faster motion through the water.

The outline of the Speedster blade is perfect for sprint racing, downwind runs and long distance paddling – it’s Marcus Hansen’s blade of choice.

Blade Area: 81 sqi or 520cm2

Length: 220 cm

When handling carbon high-performance products, NSP recommends the use of appropriately padded bags.

Regular or reduced shaft diameter

NSP paddles come with a standard diameter of 29mm, which we have found to be the perfect fit for most paddlers, by a very large margin. These standard diameter paddles will work in all paddling conditions that you can participate in.

We recognize that a select group of paddlers prefers a reduced diameter though, which is why we created the Carbon Speedster Fixed 81 RDM (Reduced Diameter). Designed with the same strength- and flexing characteristics as the 29mm version, the 26mm shaft is perfect for kids, women or athletes with smaller hands.

Optional Accessories

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