NSP Surfboards



    CSE is NSP’s high-performance custom surf epoxy layup, with a UV-stable resin and satin rub finish. Clear UV-stable resin, CNC-cut and hand-shaped to detail by our very best craftsmen, CSE boards benefit from specific glassing schedules, carefully selected to get the most performance out of your CSE shape.

    “Protech” is a more performance-oriented surfboard construction in the NSP line-up, with key performance characteristics, a favourable weight and a flex pattern we see in high-performance surfboards. All NSP Protech boards come with a set of fins to make sure you get to take your new surfboard from the shop, straight into the ocean.

    HDT stands for High-Definition-Technology, a core molding technology championed by NSP that allows for highly accurate shapes with dynamic flex characteristics. Durability, value and performance combined. Elements HDT offers great performance at attractive prices.

    Building on Cocomat construction, Cocoflax boards benefit from the organic fibers NSP sources from coconut husks in its layers. The rails and tail patches also use flax fibers for an unmatched strength-to-weight ratio. This awarded and eco-friendly construction has an appearance that reflects its sustainable roots.

    The PU series use a polyurethane core as opposed to the more modern EPS our other boards benefit from. The combination of classic PU, glass and a wood stringer give these boards an unmistakable vintage feel and ride.

    E+ is a trademark construction by NSP that evolved year-by-year, making sure you have access to a surfboard with unrivalled strength and high durability. Precision molding technology, along with extremely tough military grade fibers and ASA sheet creating a ballistic skin on deck/bottom. Schools and rental venues looking for boards that will stand the test of time need to look into E+ construction.

    ­P2 technology focuses on safety and the ease of teaching. So all P2 Soft boards are fitted with high-end accessories for ease of use. Think of rubber bumpers on the nose and tail, and a set of neoprene handles on selected models for instructor board control. P2 Soft boards get students riding waves as quick as possible and offer a proven return on investment for surf school/rental operators worldwide.