NSP’s Ronald Schuurbiers – A spartan in Netherland

Rider of the week: Ronald Schuurbiers who recently finished the 11 City Tour

When did you start SUPing?

I started with Stand up Paddle only 3 years ago. I borrowed an inflatable board from a friend and took it with me on vacation to Kroatia. It was love at first sight. As soon as I paddled from shore on the perfect blue water I knew this is my thing. I paddled every morning 6 Miles. I got a better time each day. There is a competitive side in me I know. When I got back In Holland I went looking for my first board. I found one on the internet and started my training, even in winter time!!


How did you learn about this sport?

I got in contact with the sport on the internet, watching Pro’s riding in amazing places. From there on I followed all the pro’s and watched the international races. Of course, I got into the race scene in Holland. At first, I watched a few races and later I started, participating (not as much as I want).2


Do you do other sports to improve your paddling skills?

I started Cross fit to get more in shape and to help make a faster time on my races. This got little out of hand and it has become my second addiction, besides SUP. I was into sport my whole life. After being a young kid and trying all kinds of sports I ended up in the Royal Netherlands Marine Corps. After I went to the Dutch Army and became a PT instructor. I was in the military for 15 years, always training people to get more out of their physique.


You just finished the 11 City Tour, what are your plans for the rest of 2017? Do you have other challenges?

I just participated in the final race of the 11 city SUP. A trip of 30 km. For this year there will be no more races just one tour of 42 KM in October (Frysian SUP Marathon).  Next Sunday I will compete at a cross fit event. Just for the experience and to see where it will bring me.

Next year will be more of Cross fit competition and full race schedule on the SUP. I hope to compete at the full 11 City SUP Tour(220 km in 5 days).


Why should people try SUP?

All people should try SUPing. It gives you an instant feeling of happiness, joy and freedom. Without even knowing you are training your full body and mind. Never let anyone tell you, you can’t do it. Find the time, make time and enjoy being on the water.  If you are into the full body workouts and love a challenge SUP will push your physical level. Start with learning the right technique, get on a good race board and paddle as fast as you can for 1 hour. Then you will realize what a full body workout is. ( similar to the “ MURPH “WOD)

What makes NSP so unique for you?

NSP is unique for me by the quality of the boards, the history of the company and the philosophy of the brand. Besides that, I love the design and shapes. For me personally, I ‘ve never been on a race board that picks up so easy on any bump there is. Even the smallest bump or wave gives me a push and makes the board go faster. And be honest the new race boards just look HOT !!!!


Follow Ronald on instagram : @ronaldschuurbiers

11 City Tour website: http://sup11citytour.com/

What is Crossfit?: http://reebokcrossfitone.com/what-is-crossfit/