NSP Racing Takes 2nd and 4th at 12 Towers


As the 2018 SUP Racing season kicks off this weekend at the 12 Towers Ocean Race in Australia, our NSP racing team put on a great showing considering they were well prepared for what is normally a downwinder. The wind didn’t cooperate and the racers found themselves battling hard on a very flat course.

Starting out strong, team riders Marcus Hansen and Titouan Puyo took an outside line hoping to pick up a few friendly bumps. Unfortunately the bumps didn’t show up, and the outside line proved to be too much to overcome on the final stretch, as Starboard’s Michael Booth finished about 100 meters, in front of Titouan, on the 14′ NSP Sonic. Marcus, coming off a rough season in 2017, was able to maintain his positioning and crossed the line in 4th.

In the 40’s age group, NSP team rider Paul Jonesy finished strong to take 1st place on the podium, but only after running into over-heating problems around the 12km mark. A true test of determination and strength to stand on the top spot!



This was a good test and warm-up for what will likely be a battle to the end for who will be crowned Paddle League World Champion of 2018.

If you missed the action, you can watch the live version as it happened, on the new Paddle League Facebook page and we will continue to update and add images as we receive them from the beach.

For now, here are the standings as the men crossed the line:

1. Michael Booth 14′

2. Titouan Puyo 14′ (NSP)

3. Tai UL

4. Lincoln Dews 14′

5. Marcus Hansen 14′ (NSP)

6. Jimmy UL.

For more information on the boards the NSP team riders were paddling, have a look here: https://www-preview.nspsurfboards.com/product-category/race/

Thanks to Alain Teurquetil, The Paddle League, Georgia Schofield and SUPracer.com for the images.