Designed and shaped by legendary Australian surfer/shaper Kym Thompson. These polyurethane boards are laminated with high end cloth and feature a traditional tinted gloss resin finish.


Soulful longboard for the purest log rider seeking classic style and that endless glide!
Sizes : 9’6″ x 23″ / 10’0″ x 23″


Aggressive high performance longboards that break the rules with quick and dynamic carving combined with traditional style for intermediate to advanced surfers.
Sizes: 8’4″ x 22″ / 9’0″ x 22″


A dream to ride, this premium fun board shape will turn heads on and off the water.
Sizes: 6’8″ x 20″ /  6’10” x 20″ /  7’2″ x 21″ /  7’6″ x 21″


With the Fighting Fish in your corner you’ll be a champion small to over-head wave shredder.
Sizes: 6’0″ x 20″ / 6’3″ x 20″ / 6’6″ x 21″


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