Touching up paint
We get regular requests on what color code to use for a certain NSP board, which is why we listed the last three years of NSP boards online; our chatbot on the right side of this page will send you the appropriate files.

Prepping is everything
The harder the paint, the longer it will last. The longer it lasts, the more expensive it is – we recommend sticking to acrylic water-based paint and finding the right color code for a match.

And remember, sprayed-on paint will always look better than the brushed-on, so cans are preferred.

Simple touch-up
Let’s say you want to touch up a scratch on your board. In order for the scratch to be invisible after the touch-up, make sure you sand it down with  120grit sandpaper. Sand the area again with 120, then 220 and then clean it. It is essential that you clean every bit of surfboard wax, grease and anything else off the board, or your repair will start peeling after just a few surfs.

Once clean, you really shouldn’t touch the area anymore with bare hands as you will compromise the end result. Tape off the board within 3 feet of the repair area, and apply a light tack-coat. Wait 40 seconds, then add a wet coat, and wait 2 minutes.

Repeat this process with another wet coat until the area is fully covered, which will probably take about four or 5 coats, depending on your technique and paint.

Remove masking tape after an hour
Let the end result dry overnight, feather out the end result with 400frit wet-and-dry, follow up with 600 and then 1200. Polish for a result where you can’t make out the repair anymore.

Have fun, and if you have some before/after pictures – please do submit them through our Facebook page; we’d love to see your result!