This race report from Namur was submitted by Noelani, one of our German teamriders currently competing on the Euro Tour.

Today I’ve been racing here at the 2nd EuroTour stop in Namur (Belgium) on my NSP Ninja 14’ x 22”. For SUP racing, the course in Namur is pretty scenic and simple at the same time. It has got an amazing medieval citadel up the hill which overlooks the race course.

The Citadel, overlooking the Meuse

We were racing under different bridges and the course was set out by using two of their bridge pillars as improvised buoys and one buoy on the other side. Exact knowledge of the current was discussed a lot between the racers, since it added an advantage. So it was an easy course with some interesting technicalities.

The Namur race course, with 3 laps, totaling 12 km

I felt really strong and ready to go in the warm up. So two minutes after the guys, us girls started and I managed to sprint away straight away beating everyone. I then led the draft for almost one kilometer until Susak, who was on second position, decided to overtake to get ahead of the big train behind her.

Noelani, still leading the pack

I tried hard to get into that train but failed as the girls stayed really tight. I then managed to get into it on 5th position but obviously had to pay for my fast start and lost connection after that. This was a three lap course up and down the river with heaps of current (starting downstream). After recovering I felt strong again and managed to almost catch all the way up to the first pack. I then finished in 6th position a mere two board lengths behind Susanne (who I would have caught if I we were given an additional lap). The Ninja was working amazing and I felt really good, although the result could have been better.

If only we had been given another lap...

After this stop, I will head to Saint-Jean-de-Monts on the west coast of France to train there, where the 3rd EuroTour stop will be next weekend, with three times as much prize money.

For my next race, I’ll be focusing on what I really like: downwinding. I hope the wind will be strong enough as downwinding is my favourite discipline and I can’t wait for being out on the ocean again.

All pics by Sandra Sach. Follow Noelani on her Facebook page or check out her Instagram under @noelani_sach

Full results below:

1 Susak Molinero
2 Petronella van Malsen
3 Emma Reijmerink
4 Ella Oesterholt
5 Susanne Lier
6 Noelani Sach
7 Caterina Stenta
8 Marie Dautruche
9 Aukje Hofman
10 Tanja Ecker
11 Julija Mihailova

1 Paul Ganse
2 Arvis Iļjins
3 Norman Weber
4 Arthur Arutkin
5 Leo Nika
6 Martino Rogai
7 Filippo Mercuriali
8 Joep van Bakel
9 Federico Esposito
10 Yanis Maire
11 Paolo Marconi
12 Vinnicius Martins
13 Davide Ionico
14 Steven Bredow
15 Claudio Nika
16 Ricardo Haverschmith
17 Francesco Mazzei
18 Peter Weidert
19 Kjell De Bruyn
20 Ludovic Teulade
21 Alain Luck
22 James Van Drunen
23 Martijn van Deth
24 Martin Teichmann
25 Tom Grosup
26 Tommaso Pampinella
27 Antoine Meunier
28 Belar Diaz
29 Wouter Hendrikx
30 Kimo Kersting
31 Thomas Kreisel
32 Maui Sach
33 Mike Kranenburg
34 Thomas Libor
35 Joern Schulz