So glad you made it! The Air France Paddle Festival is about to kick off, and thanks to the Internets, The Paddle League and of course Chris Parker, you get to watch on of the most exciting races of the year live here from the stream.

300 of the hardest and best paddlers in the world
Tahiti is the country that considers paddling their national sport, and Stand-Up Paddling is a natural extension of this. We are excited to see Titouan take on local heroes and some of the very best International paddlers as well, and we are rooting for some premium podium surface of course.

The feed should kick off about 5 minutes after this post goes live, so crank up your speakers, and watch the races commence (link to the French feed at the bottom of this post):

For a recap of last year’s race and the phenomenal win of Marcus Hansen on his NSP Sonic, click here. To see the French feed, simply stop the English feed and watch this feed: