Kaelan Lockhart



Birthday: March 24, 1997

Home Spot: QLD, Australia

Disciplines: Surfing, SUP Racing, Foiling, Paddle Boarding

Sponsors: NSP



For me, SUPing is the freedom to enjoy almost any conditions in the water from surfing and down winding to flat water paddling. I am lucky to live in Kawana which is my favourite place to surf and train when it is manageable otherwise Point Cartwright on a really big swell is my favourite- being able to catch waves all the way from the point through the bay and to the beach at Mooloolaba is unreal.

I started really getting into SUP surfing after trying some lower volume boards in Vietnam in March 2020. Due to COVID I had to come back home and after buying a smaller SUP I found my home beach break way more accessible, which is normally too messy or straight to use a shortboard. I went to a surf comp run but the Sunshine Coast SUP club in October 2020, afterwards Dyllan Constable got me into racing by lending me a Puma and the awesome community of the club made me stick at it!

Dyllan introduced me to Jonesy who helped me a tonne with improving my SUP surfing and racing- he lent me his Ninja for my first race which I otherwise might not have won. Jonesy then introduced me to Alain who has been my mentor for everything SUP racing, the amount of time he has spent with me is unbelievable and I have become a much smarter paddler for it! He has also passed on to me advice from Titouan on my technique and introduced me to Ty who has given me invaluable tips for improving my paddling.

Alongside the superiority of their gear, what I value most about NSP is the real passion each member of the team has to increase the quality of the sport and help each other as much as they can. I believe this will give me unrivalled preparation coming into the Australian championships this year and then in Europe whenever travel is allowed.

I am very excited for what is to come!


Kaelan wins Golden Buoy at 12 Towers





DC Super X





  • 1st place Race the Bay 2020
  • 1st place Coochie Classic 2020


  • 1st place Pulse Electrical Clearwater Classic in Technical and Long-distance race men
  • 1st place SUP Old Woman Ocean Paddle
  • 1st place Port Stephens Sup Challenge marathon 2021
  • 2nd place Port Stephens Sup Challenge technical race 2021
  • 3rd place Port Stephens Sup Challenge under 10ft sup surfing 2021
  • 4th place QLD State Sup Surfing titles under 10ft 2021
  • 3rd place QLD State Sup Surfing titles 10ft and over 2021
  • 1st place Jamieson Park Paddle 2021
  • 4th place 12Towers technical race and golden buoy award 2021
  • 1st place Mullum 2 Bruns Sup Challenge
  • Top ten 12Towers downwind race 2021
  • Longest nose ride SUSINC GC 10ft Classic 2021
  • 1st place Scotts Head Paddle Games technical and marathon races 2021
  • 3rd place Scotts Head Paddle Games 10ft and over sup surfing 2021
  • 4th place Scotts Head Paddle Games under 10ft sup surfing 202