How to be a SUPer Mother – Rider of the week – Charlotte Spicer

Who is Charlotte?

Hey there, I’m a 42yr muma and wife originally from New Zealand currently living in Singapore. Growing up a typical kiwi kid where every holiday was spent on the water, camping and full of adventures. Still at 42 I haven’t really grown up… and feel so lucky my family shares the same outlook on life. Since living in Singapore we have been fortunate to travel and race in some of the best and most beautiful parts of Asia. These experience’s will be in my memories forever.
How do you manage training, family, and business? 
Well yes, a good daily routine is how it all works… I’m up pretty early every day having to be back home from training by 6 am to get my daughter ready for school. After school drop off is training session 2. Then I have a few hours to work if needed, run the house etc before school pickup, homework, Skating (my daughter is skate mad) Dinner..into bed early. I run my life by lists and drive my family mad because I’m so structured !!
Our weekends are always manic.. first question Fri night is  “who’s training first”  plus my coaching, races, our daughters skating and friends. Needless to say, we love a Singapore thunderstorm to make us all relax on the couch.
What motivated you to pick up a surfboard and SUP?
I always find stoke being on the ocean…I’m a Pisces that’s where I’m meant to be !! Since a young teen, I’ve dabbled in surfing always wanting to be as good as the girls in the magazines…Ha !!
It’s only now I’m older and have more opportunities I have learned more. Now our daughter can surf on her own there is nothing better than being out together!
SUP….yes I still remember watching Annabel Anderson back in 2011 at the NZ SUP Champs completely dominate the whole field..this was my first time really watching SUP. I was sold on the spot. Coming from years of triathlon, my husband and I were looking for another sport and for us SUP just ticked all of the boxes.
Wheres the best place you have surfed?
Batu Karas West Java has been a family favourite for the past four years.It’s a sleepy village with a long mellow right.A very close second would have to be Sri Lanka. We have done both East and West coasts. Again when there’s a family friendly uncrowded wave around its all good. Plus Sri Lanka is such an amazingly beautiful place to visit.
Whats your advice for parents whose kids want to start surfing /SUPing
Let them explore the water make it fun… encourage them. If they are really keen they will always come back and ask for more. I’ve taught a lot of kids including my own and for SUP they do better in small groups. Find a coach that has kids program with fitness and on water tasks around a set-out course. They love a challenge and adding different things into the sessions keeps them focused and interested.
Surfing….. definitely easier to have a surf coach. Do your homework first! Find a spot that is easy for them to paddle out in.
Be in the water surfing nearby. Kids want you to see them on every wave. It’s definitely the coolest to have a party wave together.
What makes NSP so unique?
For us, in Singapore, we only need one board and the NSP raceboards fit our mixed conditions perfectly. Super durable, especially when they are on and off the roof racks daily. DC nailed the NSP DC Surf SUP, super light, and fun. It always comes on holidays. Has paddled round many islands and SUP surfed until dark. I only wish we had surf here in Singapore!!