The King Of the cut – Ultimate SUP DownWinder-DownUnder coming soon

To race against Travis Grant, Titouan Puyo, Harry Lee, Paul Jonesy and else come and join us at the King Of the Cut on the 2nd December! For more info about the race click here. To participate to some other races in Australia click here.

Stand Up Paddle gives everyone an opportunity to compete against world class riders! Here’s the story of Dany Leclerc,  hard worker during the week and SUP racer during the weekend! It could be you!


NSP at the king of the cut

Who is Dany Leclerc?

I’m 31 years old, I was born in France and grew up in North of France. I have moved to Australia in 2011 and fell in love with the country. I decided to settle in Melbourne which is similar to the climate of the north of France. I’m a passionate paddler and take every opportunity get out on the water to go Surfing, Downwinding, playing in the bumps, getting the OC1 out with my mates.

How and when did you start SUPing?
This actually came from my partner about 3 years ago who pushed me to start something new. So a few days later we ordered 2 brand new inflatable SUP boards and our first paddle was sitting on the board at sunset and glass of wine 🙂


How do you do to manage intense days at work and keep competing at the same time?
Well it’s all about balance 🙂 I would say, the more I paddle the more successful I am at work. The only issue is when traveling for work, it’s hard to keep the training going on unless I’m in Sydney where I have some amazing friends who look after me so I can paddle with them.


How does SUP effect your life?
Stand up paddle is a unique sport to me. It allows me to disconnect from the 4 million people of Melbourne just like that and you are on your own in the water, far from the computers, phones, cars etc… It’s an amazing way of living the moment.


Why did you choose to compete on NSP boards?
I have tried multiple brands and just connect to the blue boards 🙂 It’s a bit like trying a new pair of shoes you need to feel comfortable with it. The other reason is the history of NSP and also Travis Grant who inspired me a lot to progress and improve my results. He is actually my coach on Paddle Monster where I really enjoy this type of training.

2018 NSP Raceboards 


What advice can you give to amateurs who would like to participate in serious races?
Being prepared, have a plan for it. I watch a lot of the major races through SUP Racer as it gives some cool inputs from the major events, very beneficial. I would really recommend a proper training plan like for Paddle Monster which is a really fun platform where we exchange and train to be ready for the RACE DAY.