Wave pools in 2018

updated Tuesday 8.01.2019 Kelly Slater's Wave Company buys NLand Surf Park Towards the end of last year, World Surf League (WSL), majority shareholders of the Kelly Slater Wave Co., quietly purchased the struggling Texas Surf Park. Image courtesy of NLand Surf Park As mentioned further down in the article, all current manufacturers are still working [...]

2019 Protech now in white

Protect range now also in white With the excitement of the new 2019 NSP line-up we don’t just want to direct all the attention to our brand-new construction technology this week, because even though NSP CocoFlax is a major development and another big step towards a more ecological feature, we’ve also worked on another NSP [...]

Saving the planet, one Coconut at a time

From the entire NSP line-up, a CocoMat Surfboard is our most environmentally friendly product you can buy, and yet it doesn’t compromise on performance. All thanks to the outstanding performance of the natural fibers used, and some smart R&D for the production process. But very few people know how CocoMat boards actually came about. The [...]

Update: Protech now available in all-white

Update 04 Nov: With the initial batch of Protech coming to dealers in Arctic Grey, Sky blue, Aqua and regular blue, 2019 Protech boards are now also available in gorgeous matte white. Think of Protech as lighter than Elements HDT construction, but considerably less fragile than hand-glassed surfboards. Available at a very attractive price point, [...]