Titouan Puyo Wins Double Downwinder


Congratulations to Titouan Puyo for his victory at the #SUPdownunder, Double Downwinder event on the Queensland Gold Coast. Last week, Titouan fell just short and took 2nd place overall in the men’s elite race at the 12 Tower event, which, if the wind conditions were any better then flat, could have been a different story.


This weekend the wind cooperated and T2, on his NSP Sonic, took 1st and his New Caledonia friends, took 4 of the top 5 positions. Young, dark horse, Ben Riviere, placed 5th overall, Vincent Guillaume (Coach and trainer), finished 3rd in his category and NSP race board designer Alain Teurquetil placed 3rd in the unlimited category.

Thanks to SUP Racer for the images and all the pre-race video clips. You can see a full write up and video on SUPracer.com.

Top 5 Overall Standings: Titouan, Lincoln Dews, Noic Garioud, Clement, Colmas Benoit Rivière

Here are a few videos taken just before the race, the NSP team looking pretty relaxed!