Paul Jonesy Wins 10′ SUP Longboard Division at 12 Towers


Paul Jonesy shows us that age doesn’t matter!

After fighting the heat and battling a stacked field of International Pro riders, Jonesy was able to make his way to the top spot of the podium in the over 40 age group. The grueling 15km distance race normally showcases the skills of the top, down-winding SUP riders from across the globe. However, this year, it was nothing, but flat water and over bearing heat.

Fast forward to Sunday, of the two day 12 Towers event, and Paul Jonesy shines again. This time his weapon of choice was his 10′ x 27″ NSP DC SUPer X.  Jonesy, in typical fashion, took the top spot and went home with two first place finishes.


The 12 Towers seems to be a good warm-up for Jonesy and we look forward to seeing what’s in store for him in the coming weeks.

Thanks to Pieter Ploy, The Paddle League and Georgia Schofield for the images.