NSP Wins 1st and 3rd on EuroTour at Vendée Gliss

Great results from the entire NSP racing team in France this weekend at Euro Tour Vendée Gliss! After a cool, fun 10km downwinder, the racers were met with some brutal sidewind conditions, followed by a long 200 meter sprint to the finish line.

Having settled for a 4th place finish in Carolina, the leader of French racing, Titouan Puyo, took 1st in the men’s and showed the world he is back in great form.

Noelani Sach, who has been battling to break into the top 5 on the Euro tour, found her mark in France by placing a solid 3rd against France’s top women’s riders. We look for this to be Nolani’s breaking out moment and can’t wait to see how she performs in Crete, Greece, another downwinder. Noelani:

“What was supposed to be a 23k downwinder from an island offshore had to be changed due to the different wind direction to a course along the coast.”

“After being brought to  Fromentine, a small French village north of the event site, by bus we then started all (guys and girls) together in a pretty messy start in the water. I managed to take off quite fast and yet again won the start on the girl’s side. After turning the first mark we then went out the channel towards the open ocean. In this part, draft trains built and broke a lot and heaps was going on. Coming out to sea I found myself in 5th position behind the two Dutch girls Petronella van Malsen and Emma Reijmerink.”

“Turning downwind, I just took off on the small bumps overtaking these two girls straight away and from then on I increased the gap, plus at the same time I caught up a lot on 2nd placed girl Amandine Chazot. Getting pretty close to her (as well as Belar Diaz and Vincent Guillaume) when unfortunately I had to turn sidewinder after around 10k as the buoy was placed way too far offshore. From this moment on it was a tough sidewind grind towards the finish. I managed to keep my lead and distance over 4th and 5th. So pretty stoked to come in 3rd behind the two French girls Olivia Piana and Amandine Chazot.”

“Now I’m back into recovery and getting ready for next weekends event on Crete (Greece) which is supposed to be another downwinder, what I’m really excited about! It was awesome to catch up with the NSP crew and we had an amazing time! “

NSP’s Marcus Hansen, Vincent Verhoeven, Alexandre Bicrel Daniel Parres, Vincent Guillaume,  Sylvain Lefevre and Ronan Botrel all finishing strong in a race that threw downwind, sidewinds and 200 meter beach sprints in their way.

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Thanks Alain Teurquetil and EuroTour for the images.

Congratulations to all!

For a video summary of this awesome race, check out this link