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NSP Competition Results 2022

Fernando grabbed 3rd place at the Nordhausen EUROtour

Nordhausen Poster

Prize Money

Nordhausen Prize Money
Nordhausen Race Course

July 8th program :
18:00 – 19.30 Registration Eurotour Race
19.00 – 21:00 Welcome Riders

July 9th program :
08:30 – 09.30 Inscription Eurotour Race
10:00 Skippers meeting
10:30 Start 12 Km Women (Elite + AMateur + Juniors)
11:45 Start 12 Km Men (Elite + AMateur + Juniors)
13:00 Kid’s Race
14.30 Award Ceremony

Long distance Race – Men
1st Michael Booth, 00:59:34
2nd Donato Freens, 01:01:23
3rd Fernando Perez Serra, 01:02:34
4th Kjell De Bruyn, 01:03:02
5th Martin Teichmann, 01:05:14
6th Peter Weidert, 01:05:34
7th Bastian Grimm, 01:05:35
8th Ole Schwarz, 01:05:39
9th Linus Karlsson, 01:06:23
10th Alberto Maria Casella, 01:09:36

Long distance Race – Women
1st Cecilia Pampinella, 01:15:34
2nd Anna Tschirky, 01:15:38
3rd  Petronella Van Malsen, 01:15:39
4th Julia Mihailova, 01:16:50
5th Tanja Ecker, 01:16:54
6th Susanne Lier, 01:17:02
7th  Nicoline Rasmussen, 01:17:22
8th Simone Ahrens, 01:23:22
9th Julia Georgi, 01:23:13
10th Andrea Kammerer, 01:24:22

Pictures courtesy of Christoph Keil

The condition was quite favorable for My NSP Ninja.”
Fernando Perez

Fernando raced the NSP Ninja

I think I had a good rhythm throughout the race and the pretty good turn with my Ninja.”
Fernando Perez

Read more about the Ninja here


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Table of contents

Ty grabs 2nd place, Fernando 3rd, and Kaelan 4th at EuroTour Berlin SUP Race

The Berlin chapter of the EUROtour was held at the Nordufer 26 in the heart of beautiful Berlin, with competitors from 12 different countries giving it their best. The recap by Visionstorm allows for a glimpse of just how scenic the race course was last weekend, so make sure to check that out below. Kaelan penned down his experience racing the Havel river in the paragraphs further down below as well:

Recap by Visionstorm

“The long-distance event was held on the outskirts of Berlin on a river with a ton of water traffic. It was 12km in total consisting of four laps around an island and a bridge on the other end. After a sitting start I was able to sprint to Tommaso and due to the stability of the 20.5 Carolina could easily wash ride him for 100m or so.”

“Boothy and Ty were 30m or so to the right on the start line and when Ty took off I sprinted for Tommaso to Ty and wash rode him towards the island, barely hanging on when he put down the power a few times. I then tried to sprint on as it looked like we might have been able to drop Boothy and Ferdinando but both were too strong.”

“At the first buoy, Boothy came up the inside and due to the backwash from his board, I almost fell in and dropped behind the lead pack. For a lap and a half, they didn’t gain too much on me and I was set on chasing but from a lingering illness my energy got sapped and I dropped back to the chase pack. This way, I got to experience the Carolina in their backwash too and found if I pumped my legs a bit and kept paddling that my stability remained, which will be great to try next weekend in Nordhausen.”

“I stayed with Bastian and another German paddler, unable to take over due to my low energy levels, and was finally able to beat them with a sprint for fourth place! The most interesting part of the race was the boats with houseboats, circular bbq boats, and huge cargo boats that at one stage acted as a curtain between the lead and the chase pack.”
Kaelan Lockhart

Prize Money

Prize Money Berlin SUP Race
Berlin Race Course

July 2nd program :
07:00 Athlete Bus Check-in Plötzensee
07:30 Bus Departure (Athletes & Last Minute Boards) Plötzensee→Waterkant
08:00 Bus Arrival Waterkant
08:30 – 10:00 Last Minute Check-In Waterkant
10:30 Riders-meeting Long-distance All Riders Waterkant
11:00 Start LD All Women’s (Elite, Amateur & Junior) Waterkant
11:15 Start LD All Men’s (Elite, Amateur & Junior) Waterkant
13:00-14:30 Lunch
15:00 1st Bus Departure (Athletes & Boards) Waterkant→Plötzensee
15:15 Riders-Meeting Sprint Race Waterkant
15:00 Amateur & Junior Sprint Races Waterkant
18:00 Last Bus Departure (Athletes & Boards) Waterkant→Plötzensee
19:00 Award Ceremony Plötzensee
20:00 Riders Party with BBQ, DJ & Bingo (fee-based) Plötzensee

July 3rd program :
08:00 Registration Plötzensee
09:00 Riders-Meeting Amateur & Junior Beach Race Plötzensee
09:30 Start Amateur & Junior Beach Race Plötzensee
13:30 Closing Ceremony Plötzensee

Long distance Race – Men
1st Michael Booth, 01:12:30
2nd Ty Judson, 01:13:12
3rd Fernando Perez, 01:13:32
4th Kaelan Lockhart, 01:15:16
5th Bastian Grimm, 01:15:18
6th Martin Teichmann, 01:15:23
7th Alberto Casella, 01:15:34
8th Tommaso Pampinella, 01:15:54
9th Tomas Lelovits, 01:16:23
10th Daan Meily, 01:17:43

Long distance Race – Women
1st Cecilia Pampinella, 01:22:35
2nd Petronella Van Malsen, 01:23:06
3rd Anna Tschirky, 01:23:07
4th Susanne Lier, 01:24:14
5th Tanja Ecker, 01:26:34
6th Nicoline Rasmussen, 01:28:34
7th Andrea Kammerer, 01:30:21
8th Mandy Lehmann, 01:32:21
9th Skadi Langbein, 01:34:36
10th Julia Georgi, 01:39:36

Pictures courtesy of Christoph Keil

The race was a 4 lap course in the heart of Berlin. With so much history in the city, it was an honor to be paddling in the waterways running through it. The race conditions were dead flat though. No wind, with just a few slow-moving boats.
Ty Judson

I’m super happy with my result and performance of EuroTour SUP Berlin’s SUP Race at the 7th Overall and the 1st U18.

All goes good; had a great feeling with everything.
Alberto Casella

Ty raced the NSP Ninja

The ninja being our specialized flat water board, it did easy work of the flat conditions”
Ty Judson

Read more about the Ninja here


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Titouan and Iona second place at Pornichet Paddle Trophy

2022 Pornichet Paddle Trophy –

After two editions marked by COVID, the Pornichet Paddle Trophy geared up with a free concert to celebrate the return to the water.
This year, Wingfoiling is new to the Paddle Trophy and so is the Coastal Water run (leave it to the French to come up with new stuff).

Last weekend was controversial with boats interfering in both the APP World Tour and arguably changing some rankings in Namur as well. But let’s start with France. Pornichet takes place in Western France on the Atlantic Coast, just ten kilometers from Saint-Nazare. Ideal conditions for technical racing and of course, long distance.

So the event not only has its own competition – but it also serves as a seeder for the French, as this
is the event where French Nationals qualify for the ISA World Championships. So for the French,
the stakes were high:

No surprises then that the winner’s Podium was a 100% French affair, with Titouan grabbing second place in long-distance, and technical. Iona also crossed the finish line in second place on the long-distance and managed third place in the technical race. For a more detailed look at the final results, scroll down.

Long distance Race – Men
1st Noic Garioud, 01:00:49.17
2nd Titouan Puyo, 01:01:09.42
3rd Clement Colmas, 01:01:32.81
4th Ethan Bry, 01:02:47.22
5th Ty Judson, 01:23:21.16
6th Ludovic Teulade, 01:03:28.05
7th Martin Vitry, 01:04:03.87
8th Tom Auber, 01:07:16.89
9th Boris Jinvresse, 01:07:48.38
10th Pierre-Alain De Bois, 01:08:02.12

Long distance Race – Women
1st Ammandine Chazot, 01:14:32.96
2nd Anais Guyomarc H, 01:15:40.64
3rd Melanie Lafenetre, 01:16:02.98
4th Iona Rivet, 01:16:29.30
5th Helena Staumont, 01:22:21.34
6th Fanny Tessier, 01:23:28.84
7th Floriane Broustal, 01:29:13.67
8th Gaelle Paponnaud, 01:31:13.47
9th Fabienne Levallois,01:35:47.88
10th Marie Melguen, 01:37:56.19

Technical Race Men
1st Noic Garioud
2nd Titouan Puyo
3rd Clement Colmas
4th Ty Judson
5th Ethan Bry
6th Martin Vitry
7th Tom Auber
8th Ludovic Teulade
9th Boris Jinvresse
10th Arthur Avranche

Technical Race – Women
1st Melanie Lafenetre
2nd Iona Rivet
3rd Anais Guyomarc H
4th Ammandine Chazot
5th Fanny Tassier
6th Helene Staumont

Pictures courtesy of Total SUP

The distance race was on Sunday where there were light winds to deal with while paddling around the island. The first technical had quite light winds with smaller wind bumps, whereas the second technical was much windier with good up-downwind which made for some great racing conditions. So for all these races, the Carolina made easy work of the conditions. My next race will be Berlin…
Ty Judson, fourth Technical & fifth Long Distance

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Titouan and Ty raced the NSP Carolina

It was a weekend with chops and wind so good for Carolina.
Titouan Puyo

Having a board that works so well in upwind and downwind really helped in each race.”
Ty Judson

Read more about the Carolina here

์NSP Carolina

Namur canal race sees Fernando score 3rd place

In the quiet area of Wallonia, Belgium lies Namur or “Namen” to the Flemish. As part of the EuroTour, this city hosts the 3 rd Grand Slam event of the season, with 2500 EUR in prize money and a long-distance canal race past a medieval fortress installation.

In the end, Fernando Perez scored a third-place long-distance, Antonio Morillo placed 5th and Kaelan Lockhart ended up tenth:

Namur Sup Race

June 25th program :
09:30 – 12:30 Inscription Eurotour Race
13:00 Skippers meeting
14:00 Start 12km women
14:00 Start 12km Men
15:30 Kid’s race
16:30 Award Ceremony

Location - Namur SUP Race

Prize Money

Prize money - Namur SUP Race

Long distance race – Men
1st Bruno Hasulyo, 00:59:48
2nd Donato Freens, 01:01:44
3rd Fernando Perez Serra, 01:01:47
4th Liran Mackelev, 01:01:57
5th Antonio Morillo, 01:02:17
6th Kjell De Bruyn, 01:02:19
7th Tasos Tsouris, 01:02:49
8th Ricardo Haverschmidt, 01:04:29
9th Bastian Grimm, 01:05:39
10th Kaelan Lockhart, 01:06:05

Long distance race – Women
1st Cecilia Pampinella, 01:09:52
2nd Petronella Van Maisen, 01:09:56
3rd Anna Tschirky, 01:10:04
4th Froukje Wichgers-Marien, 01:18:20
5th Michala Hendrichova, 01:18:55
6th Nathalie Van Olmen, 01:19:08
7th Myrte Derks, 01:20:20
8th Deborah Wouters, 01:24:40
9th Rhune Spincemaille, 01:28:29
10th Marleen De Decker, 01:31:14

Pictures courtesy of Simon Espinoux

Namur is the longest-running Eurotour event- I think eleven years now. It’s a fantastic city with so much to see and so much energy. The course wound its way around two islands with beautiful houses on one side and huge rock formations on the other.

Starting with a sitting start, I was slightly behind but pushed to chase the main pack. At one stage a wave came from the media boat and helped get Bruno ahead of the others but knocked a few paddlers in as well.

Due to how narrow the canal is, a wave comes rebounds many times until the water is very tumultuous and it is extremely difficult to make use of it. Unfortunately, I had a surprise operation the previous day, and not being allowed food or water I really felt the effects and fell back to 10th place.
Kaelan Lockhart

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Fernando and Antonio raced the NSP Ninja

The board is so perfect in this flat water condition.
Antonio Morillo

Read more about the Ninja here


Kaelan raced the NSP Carolina

I went a bit wider to see how it would go in flat conditions. It was the perfect choice as to when others got knocked in by the wave I just had a wobble!”
Kaelan Lockhart

Read more about the Carolina here

์NSP Carolina

Ty wins Grand Canaria Pro and leads Eurotour 2022 rankings

PLAYA DEL INGLÉS, Canary Islands – Over the weekend in beautiful Spain, it was an epic day of action at the Gran Canaria Pro SUP race. The beach race had a new two-heat format, making it interesting and judging by the feedback from the riders, a resounding success.

Beach race conditions, along with all the spectators at Playa del Inglés and the beautiful sunny day were a combination.

Aussies are well known for their skills in the surf and Ty Judson did his home country proud with impeccable skills for the trophy, claiming back-to-back victories and his second win in a row, propelling him into EuroTour 2022 rating’s leader.

Grand Canaria Race Course

June 18th program :
08:30 Briefing juniors/ amateurs/ elite
09:30 – 10:30 Start juniors / amateurs
11:00 – 14:00 Heats beach races elite
14:00 – 15:00 Award Ceremony
15:00 – 17:00 Closing

Recap of the Grand Canaria Pro’22 Beach Race by Mario Entero

Prize Money

Prize Money -Grand Canaria

Long distance race – Men
1st Ty Judson
2nd Rafael Sirvent
3rd Aeron Sanchez
4th Ethan Bry
5th Antonio Morillo
6th Daniel Hasulyo
7th Ben Moreham
8th Blue Ewer
9th Lucas Simoncelli
10th Quique Hurtado

Long distance race – Women
1st Esperanza Barreras
2nd Anais Guyomarch
3rd Duna Gordillo
4th Alba Frey
5th Laura Quetglas
6th Erica Revil
7th Susanne Lier
8th Sonia Caimari
9th Ainhoa Rivas
10th Holly Pye

Pictures courtesy of Georgia Schofield, content, and other pictures thanks to the Euro Tour.

This event was like one of the old-school BOP or PPG races. It was a beach technical race, but twice! This unique format
meant you raced twice and your times totaled for your final time. Each race was 2.5km.”

In Maspolamas you are quite protected from the northern winds but being on an island there is always movement in the ocean. This made for some great racing. In the M-shaped course, there were runners from each buoy turning into the beach and hard work on the way back out through the beach break.
Ty Judson

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 Ty raced the NSP Carolina

Racing the Carolina 20.5 it was absolutely fantastic and suited the conditions down to a t.”

Having a dugout in the surf was a risky move but as the conditions weren’t massive, the Carolina gave me an advantage over the rest of the field.
Ty Judson

Read more about the Carolina here

์NSP Carolina

Patrick “Paddy” Boyum competes at Redbull Midsummer Vikings

Racing the Flatwater Ninja 14’ x 22”, Patrick “Paddy” Boyum raced the third edition of this 24-hour relay race as one of 82 teams competing. With 400 paddlers participating, this 24-hour event was hectic but fun, as half the race was inside the sheltered water of a lagoon, while the other half was on one of the busiest bodies of water, with a lot of current, bumps, and giant boats navigating the water:

Pictures courtesy of Red Bull

“The conditions changed over the 24 hours, but we mainly had 8-15 knots of head-on wind on the inside when paddling in the shallow lagoon. Once we got outside in the raging ocean, there was a stretch of challenging side-chop of about 1.5 km before we got around a pier.”

“Once the pier was passed, you would get to enjoy a stretch of downwind paddling into a canal that lead to the relay area, where your team awaits and the next athlete goes all-in.”
Patrick “Paddy” Boyum

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Paddy raced the NSP Ninja

Like any Red Bull event, the atmosphere was festival-like, and the combination of sheltered flatwater and wild beach race conditions makes this a special race. Paddy chose to race his 22” Ninja instead of the 23’5” Carolina as it was a bit of a trade-off but the flatwater speed trumps the overall qualities of the Carolina, plus Paddy likes to surf his Ninja, which is awesome.

Average paddling speed: 8.9 kmh

I picked the Ninja 22″ instead of my 23.5″ wide Carolina as the board speed on flatware is so much better. It surfs really well to be a flatwater board too.
Patrick “Paddy” Boyum

Read more about the Ninja here


Petra Pyffrader and Kaelan Lockhart at ICF World Cup Budapest

Petra Pyffrader (bronze Long Distance, 6th in the technical and, 7th in sprint)  recounts:

So for the sprint sessions, after qualifying 3rd in heat one and 1st at the semifinal the final was messed up, so eventually I finished 7th in the end.

“The long-distance was supposed to be this easy flatwater race but we got to deal with gusts of up to 6 Beaufort instead and some wave as well. I am so happy with the result and it was great to see that my EuroTour training paid off. I raced my Carolina 20.5 and Ninja 14×20″.”

Kaelan Lockhart (silver Long Distance, bronze in the technical, 8th in sprint) recounts:

“Driving into Budapest, it smelt like flowers due to honeysuckle growing everywhere, such a beautiful city and a well-run event. Loopa Sup is a part of the ICF world series events and had a 9km distance race, sprints, and a tech race.”

”It was based on a really cool lake that had wakeboarding, volleyball, tonnes of food stalls, and huge fish. The 9km consisted of three laps of the lake and after a good beach start, I led for the first lap. At the start of the second I went for a push and Noic seeing that we broke Kraitor and Nika did his own push and side-by-side we pulled away. It was a real pleasure paddling with Noic; working as a team he also gave me advice on paddling such as standing further forward on my board to drag the tail less. ”

”We stayed together for the rest of the race until the final crosswind stretch when, due to increased winds, I couldn’t keep putting the power down. Noic got maybe a 10m lead on me and then after the final buoy had maybe 20m. I chased him and closed it down to maybe 5m but couldn’t catch up. ”

”In the sprints, I made it to the finals but after a bad start (something I will work on in coming weeks) the chop from the other paddlers was too much and so I came last. In the finals of the tech race, I had a good start, maybe just behind Noic and Nico. They both pulled away and Kraitor got in front of me. For the rest of the race, Noic was comfortably ahead then Nica did a good job of holding Kraitor and then me off on the turns until the final stretch when I overtook Kraitor but due to shallow water couldn’t finish my sprint to get Nica. ”

”It was such an amazing weekend of racing, volleyball, and eating- thanks ICF! ”

Long distance Men Open
1st Noic Garioud, 52:28.95
2nd Kaelan Lockhart 52:42.76
3rd Andrey Kraitor 54:34.13
4th Claudio Nika 55:09.96
5th Marton Kover 55:56.15
6th Christian Taucher 58:28.50
7th Ondras Petrak 1:00:11.87
8th Damodara Mokhniuk 1:01:09.17
9th Tomaz Jensterle 1:02:18.48
10th Luka Kozar 1:05:05.76

Sprint Men
1st Noic Garioud 54.50
2nd Andrey Kraitor 55.72
3rd Trevor Tunnington 1:00.67
4th Tommaso Pampinella 1:02.84
5th David Koti 1:05.04
6th Ondras Petrak 1:07.30
7th Karoly Marton 1:10.09
8th Kaelan Lockhart 1:14.27

Technical Race Men Open
1st Noic Garioud 5:07.84
2nd Claudio Noka 5:12.14
3rd Kaelan Lockhart 5:13.58
4th Andrey Kraitor 5:20.80
5th Damodara Mokhniuk 5:32.10
6th Marton Kover 5:34.90
7th Christian Taucher 5:37.18
8th Tommaso Pampinella 5:47.20

Long distance Women Open
1st Caterina Stenta 1:04:26.85
2nd Susanne Eder-Meyer 1:09:56.15
3rd Petra Pyffrader 1:12:14.43
4th Iva Dundova 1:14:31.25
5th Nora Kover 1:24:22.62
6th Ildiko Kocsis 1:26:54.28

Sprint Women
1st Caterina Stenta 1:12.07
2nd Hannah Leni Krah 1:12.09
3rd Iva Dundova 1:14.70
4th Skadi Langbein 1:16.58
5th Maja Dolzan 1:17.03
6th Slekta Reka 1:19.77
7th Petra Pyffrader 1:23.94
8th Eszter Rasztotzky 1:28.17

Technical Race Women Open
1st Slekta Reka 6:38.76
2nd Skadi Langbein 6:39.49
3rd Caterina Stenta 6:42.97
4th Eszter Rasztotzky 6:44.81
5th Maja Dolzan 6:46.06
6th Petra Pyffrader 6:50.74
7th Iva Dundova 6:51.48
8th Anna Rozalia Pesti 7:33.32

Results from Stand Up Magazin

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Kaelan and Petra raced the NSP Carolina

Having the all-rounder helped a tonne with stability.
Kaelan Lockhart

Super stable on buoy fighting.
Petra Pyffrader

Read more about the Carolina here

์NSP Carolina

Petra raced Ninja in the long-distance and sprint race

Perfect flatware board.

“Still moving, no problem with waves and downwind sections.”
Petra Pyffrader

Read more about the Ninja here


Ty wins EuroTOUR Madeira Long-distance, Tomás grabs second

The fourth stop of the EuroTOUR 2022 ended spectacularly well for Ty Judson who finished 1st in Long Distance. The beautiful island of Madeira, Portugal did not disappoint as the conditions were beautiful.

The Madeira Island Sup Challenge (MISC) is a Stand-Up Paddle Board event which, for the first time integrated a stage of the EuroTOUR. Going back to 2015 and currently taking place in 13 countries, it is considered the leading competition in Europe, with classes for the Elite, Youth, Junior, and Open categories.

Madeira sup race

The event was organized by Clube Naval do Funchal & Diário de Notícias Madeira is home to a very passionate group of Junior paddlers, led by Ricardo and already producing some top-level athletes like Tomas Lacerda who managed to secure 2nd place.

The long-distance along the beautiful cliffs of Funchal has some of the most breathtaking views on the tour and the magnitude of the cliffs make you look up, instead of focussing on the water and your balance.

June 11th program :
10:00 Athletes check-in
13:30 Race briefing
14:00 All women race start (Elite & Amateur)
14:15 All men race start (Elite & Amateur)
15:30 Kids race start (U12 & less)
16:30 Kids race start (U15 & less)
17:30 Closing

June 12th program :
10:00 Fun race
12:00 Award ceremony
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Closing

Madeira Island SUP Challenge

Prize Money

Prize Money Madeira

Long distance race – Men
1st Ty Judson 01:21:35
2nd Leonard Nika 01:22:38
3rd Daniel Hasulxo 01:23:40
4th Claudio Nika 01:25:03
5th Lairah Machlev 01:25:26
6th Benjamin Moreham 01:27:19
7th Tomas Lacerda 01:28:39
8th Joao Guiherme Rodigues Olim 01:29:12
9th Daniel Parres 01:33:03
10th Francisco Pestana 01:33:57

Long distance race – women
1st Esperanza Barreras, 01:14:40
2nd Petronella Van Maisen 01:21:08
3rd Susanne Lier 01:21:18
4th Izaskun Martin 01:24:22
5th Michaela Hendrichova 01:29:03
6th Veronica Silva 01:30:29
7th Leonor Jardim 01:35:39
8th Flavia Fernandes 01:37:47
9th Cariota Duarta 01:38:52

Pictures courtesy of Georgia Schofield, content and other pictures thanks to the Euro Tour.

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 Ty raced the NSP Carolina

Read more about the Carolina here

์NSP Carolina

Petra gets 1st in Masters/Technical – Alain 1st in Masters LD, Duna 2nd in LD, Ty 3rd in LD, Titouan 1st in Technical

Petra Pyffrader gets double wins in Technical and Masters Long Distance, while Alain Teurquetil, father of the NSP racing program, wins in the Masters Class.

The third stop of the Eurotour 2022 took place on June 4-5th at the Costa Blanca, in Spain. The World SUP Festival Costa Blanca was easily the biggest event in Europe this season, with a very strong field of athletes coming down from France and Spain.

Organized by our very own Daniel Parres, the team at Parres Watersports put in the hours over the last couple of weeks to make sure the World SUP Festival Costa Blanca lived up to its previous edition.

The Long Distance race

The 15k of Costa Blanca started on the island of Tabarca, headed out back to the mainland, after which the athletes circled the island racing up to buoy out in the sea, and paddling back the long stretch to Santa Pola. And while the racing was brutal, the Island of Tabarca is a beautiful marine reserve. SUPRacer described it as follows:

Michael Booth and Ty Judson tried to make it a two-man battle on the opening leg. The Aussie boys nearly succeeded, but with the strongest field of the year, it would always be hard to shut the door. Sure enough, reigning world champ Noic Garioud persisted and finally reeled the leaders in at the death. The “Chicken” is now a fully grown rooster.

Titouan Puyo had a “rough day” in 4th which shows how accustomed we are to him winning. The sprint for 5th with Shuri “Shrimpy” Araki and Ethan Brywas symbolic of a new generation, while the fact so many big names missed the top 10 was symbolic of the sport having healthy depth. French mystery Arthur Arutking was a surprise starter but hasn’t lost his touch. Mallorcan Aaron Ssanchez (8th) was the top Spaniard and is another young gun to watch. Daniel Hasulyo in 9th showed just how competitive it was, while Israeli dark horse Liran Machlev (10th) took some scalps for the second week in a row.

Espe Barreras broke the field early and was never caught. Hard to argue: she’s the best distance paddler in the world right now. Mallorca’s Duna Gordillo never gave up the chase though, and her ability to paddle clear of far more experienced rivals suggests this 19-year-old is destined for big things. The Frenchwomen were classy in the messy bumps with @anaisguyomarch snagging the final podium spot ahead of Amandine Chazot and Melanie la Fenetre. Italy’s Caterina Stenta and Cecilia Pampinella were 6th/7th while France’s Iona Rivet, Spain’s Laura Quetglas and the Danish Caroline Kuntzel completed an EU sweep of the top 10.

June 4th program

Program 4TH June ​​EuroTour WSF22
09:30 Boarding of Ferry to Tabarca Island
10:30 Briefing SUP / Paddleboard Long Distance EuroTour
11:30 Start ELITE / Junior/ SUP & Paddleboard WOMEN
11:40 Start ELITE / Junior/ SUP & Paddleboard MEN
12:00 Start SUP Foil / Wing Foil
12:30- 14:00 Lunch
19:00 Prize Ceremony

Titouan recaps his 2022 SUP Festival

Nice bite-size interview by the guys from TotalSUP:

“Stoked to get back on dry land after doing the crossing of Tabarca, 4th place is not what I aimed for – congratulations to the top 3 and I’m charging myself up to do better at the next event!”

Replay Day 2 / Long Distance

Replay Day 3 / Technical Race

Long distance race – Men
1st Noic Garioud, 01:32:31
2nd Michael Booth, 01:32:45
3rd Ty Judson, 01:32:52
4th Titouan Puyo, 01:34:36
5th Shuri Araki, 01:35:18
6th Ethan Bry, 01:35:30
7th Arthur Arutkin, 01:36:00
8th Aaron Sanchez, 01:36:11
9th Daniel Hasulyo, 01:36:42
10th Liran Machlev, 01:37:08

Long distance race –  Junior Men (Under 16)
1st Jorge Soker

Master 7k
1st Alain Teurquetil

Technical race – Men
1st Titouan Puyo
3rd Shuri Araki

Long distance race – women
1st Esperanza Barreras, 01:45:47
2nd Duna Gordillo, 01:47:52
3rd Anáis Guyomarch, 01:48:38
4th Amandine Chazot, 01:48:53
5th Melanie Lafenetre, 01:49:06
6th Caterina Stenta, 01:49:35
7th Cecilia Pampinella, 01:51:38
8th Iona Rivet, 01:52:43
9th Laura Quetglas, 01:55:02
10th Caroline Küntzel, 01:55:25

Long distance race – Junior Women
1st Cecilia Pampinella, 01:51:38
2nd Ainhoa Rivas Garcia, 02:00:11
3rd Sonia Caimari, 02:10:13
4th Elene Etxeberria Aranburu, 02:16:08

Long distance race – Master 50 Women
1st Petra Pyffrader, 02:12:55
2nd Edith Teulade, 02:20:00
3rd Natalia Fon, 02:25:17
4th Helene Reigadas, 02:30:04
5th Eva Ruiz Ronda, 02:31:47
6th Maria Ortega Lupianez,02:40:29

Technical race – Women
1st Petra Pyffrader

Pictures courtesy of Georgia Schofield, content and other pictures thanks to the Euro Tour.

“Good condition for this race, both upwind and downwind.”
Duna Gordillo

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Duna raced the NSP Ninja

The downwind and upwind condition worked very well with the NSP Ninja.
Duna Gordillo

Read more about the Ninja here


T2 wins EuroTour Mallorca, Duna grabs 2nd

Port Adriano SUP Race in Mallorca, is the second stop of the 2022 Euro Tour

The long-distance segment of the event was a 12.5 km stretch, starting from the beach of Port Adriano, heading towards the Toro Islands. By going around these islands, the challenge is a unique one. Titouan put it best on his Instagram:

“In 2015 Travis Grant amazed me with his ability to stay on the board amidst the backwash of all the inlets of Port Adriano.”

What may have turned out to be a flatwater race, quickly devolved into a choppy sloshbath, with athletes choosing something a little wider and stable coming out on top. Looking at the course map below, you can see the race presented a wide variety of conditions.


Prize Money

Big kudos to The Euro Tour for taking the fair route by going with equality!

Port Adriano SUP Race Route

Check out  the long distance race from the Live Feed, Courtesy of SUP Racer:

Top 10 Men
1st Titouan Puyo, 01:14:28
2nd Michael Booth, 01:15:08
3rd Ethan Bry, 01:15:57
4th Ty judson, 01:17:23
5th Manuel Hoyuela, 01:17:49
6th Liran Machlev, 01:18:57
7th Aaron Sanchez, 01:19:28
8th Lucas Simoncelli, 01:19:48
9th Paolo Marconi, 01:20:29
10th Claudio Nika, 01:21:08

Top 6 Junior (under 18)

1st EthanBry, 01:15:57
2nd Lucas Simoncelli, 01:19:48
3rd Alberto Maria Casella, 01:24:29
4th Lluis Perotti, 01:29:01
5th Joan Garcia, 01:30:40
6th Marc Simoncelli, 01:30:59

Top 10 Women
1st Esperanza Barreras, 01:25:53
2nd Duna Gordillo, 01:28:58
3rd Caterina Stenta, 01:34:13
4th Anais Guyomarch, 01:34:13
5th Iona Rivet, 01:37:41
6th Aida Nepola, 01:41:08
7th Holly Pye, 01:42:07
8th Elizabeth Llarques, 01:48:56
9th Michala Hendrichova, 01:49:44
10th Silvia Canadas, 01:52:07

Pictures courtesy of Georgia Schofield, content and other pictures thanks to the Euro Tour.

Last time I came in 2015, it was a nice event of all the big crew of Port Adriano.

The condition of my race this time was really choppy and tricky conditions.
Titouan Puyo

“Such a really rough condition for this race.”
Duna Gordillo

The 2nd stop of the Euro Tour SUP Championship is organized on the fantastic island of Mallorca, the biggest of the archipelagos of Baleares. A super nice location, perfect to host a Mediterranean race.

The start was in the gulf of port Adriano, so it was flat, then the rest of the race it was a consistent side-choppy.
Alberto Maria Casella

On the island of Majorca with electric blue water from the Mediterranean Sea. The weather is warm and the atmosphere is always great. The course is to paddle out of the port around 2 islands and then back to the start line.”

The port which we paddled from is surrounded by cliffs, where the rebound is inevitable. So even on a flat day, it’s never flat. On race day there was a slight breeze, and between the mega-yachts and other boats making wake the race was extremely bumpy.
Ty Judson

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Titouan and Ty raced their Pro Carbon Carolina

“Perfect for the Carolina. I changed my choice from Ninja to Carolina just before the race because it was choppy.
Titouan Puyo

The Carolina was perfect for this race.
Ty Judson

Read more about the Carolina here

์NSP Carolina

Duna, Alberto and Antonio raced the NSP Ninja

The downwind and upwind went quite well with the NSP Ninja.
Duna Gordillo

It was good to take week the leg straight of the other competitors and to break the bumps.
Alberto Maria Casella

The board did well under the choppy condition.
Antonio Morillo

Read more about the Ninja here


Sach family competes at the Baltic Sea Festival, Noelani and Maui take first, Frithjof 2nd

There are 302 athletes, 238 boats, and 14 nations (Australia, Poland, United States, South Africa, Spain, Belgien, Czech Republic, Denmark, Nederland, Sweden, Sint Maarten, Germany) in the 2. Baltic Sea Festival 2022 in Campingplatz Grönwohld, Kronshörn, Schwedeneck, Germany.

“This was one for the books? Truly epic downwind conditions at the second edition of the Festival, which is a very special event for all ocean paddlers. Forme personally I cherished the opportunity race Noelani and Maui (editor: his kids) after quite a while. I am excited about their victories in the 13k long distance race and I’m also pretty stoked about my 2:52:05 netting me 2nd place in the 27.5k Long Distance race after local legend Tei Chi. The downwind section was mostly fun and easy going, with a meatgrinder towards the end, combining side- and upwind conditions, making it a challenging experience.”
Frithjof Sach

Baltic sea route

13Km long-distance race – men

1st Maui Sach

13Km long-distance race – women

1st Noelani Sach

26Km long-distance race – men

2nd Frithjof Sach

Pictures Courtesy of Sandra Sach

With over 300 competitors in different categories, clean Downwind with long rides, I was still titleholder from last year’s edition.
Maui Sach

The biggest ocean paddle event in Germany – luckily we got really good downwind conditions right from the start with some nice bumps to connect. It was my first SUP race after almost a year and was really fun!
Noelani Sach

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Maui and Noelani both raced the Sonic at their 13k Long Distance

“The ProCarbon Sonic is my favorite board on downwinders, awesome in connecting bumps and surfing.
Maui Sach

Always loved my Sonic – so I was happy this board was the perfect choice for the race and made surfing and connecting bumps super easy.
Noelani Sach

Read more about the Sonic here


Frithjof Sach raced his 27.5k on the Pro Carbon Carolina

“I felt pretty comfortable on the board and didn’t fall off once during the whole 2 hours and 52 minutes.
Frithjof Sach

Read more about the Carolina here

์NSP Carolina

George Fragos collects gold, silver, and bronze at the Greek Nationals

Geoge Fragos’s result in Greece Sup National champion 2022;
🥇 in a long-distance race

🥈 in the Technical race

🥉 in the sprint race

Pictures Courtesy of llias Sakelaris

It was a big challenge for me to compete so soon after my knee injury. I had big support from my family.

In long-distance, it was flat water with the small chop. In the technical race, it was choppy conditions. In the Sprint race sea breeze 14knots with small waves.
George Fragos

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George raced the Ninja on a calm mediterranean

In flatwater conditions, it was very fast.
George Fragos

Read more about the Ninja here


Double gold for T2 at Vendee Glisse

Titouan Puyo was unbeatable in St. Jean de Monts on the French West Coast for the 2022 Vendée Glisse in front of a big crowd. The field of racers consisted of high-level French athletes, a strong Australian division and several hard paddlers from all over the world.

Ty on a Ninja, trying to squeeze past T2 on his Carolina - eventually T2 caught up again and conquered...

This race was also the APP World Tour 2022 European Qualifier with 2 men and 2 women being offered an invitation to take part in this year’s World circuit. From Team NSP, Iona Rivet and Ty Judson secured their invitation to the 2022 APP World Tour Scroll, with T2 already having his all-in set up from a previous victory.

Scroll down to learn more about the Vendeé Glisse and the results below:

The Event

Vendee Glisse is two-day multiple-disciplinary event in France combining SUP And wingfoiling. For Stand-Up paddle athletes, the Long Distance race is essential as the race is a ranking event for the Eurotour. To guarantee downwind conditions, the starting line is offshore about 12 miles (22km) from St. Jean de Monts. The Long Distance race was held on the 14th of May.

The technical race is a shorter, 6km course in an M-shaped racing area where riders get the opportunity to bring their best beach racing as they hammer through the course with ever-changing conditions. The Technical races were held on the 15th of May.

Check out the gruelling conditions of the long distance race from the Live Feed, Courtesy of TotalSUP:

Long Distance – Men
1st Titouan Puyo, 01:39:30
2nd Ty Judson, 01:40:45
3rd Ethan Bry, 01:42:47
4th Ludivic Teulade, 01:42:53
5th Clement Colmas, 01:43:13

Long Distance – Women
1st Amandine Chazot, 01:54:46
2nd Anais Guyomarch, 01:58:03
3rd Iona Rivet, 02:00:02
4th Fanny Tassier, 02:01:30
5th Floraine Broustal, 02:03:57
6th Holly Pye, 02:03:59

Technical – Men
1st Titouan Puyo, 21.50
2nd Clement Colmas, 22.00
3rd Tom Auber, 22.05
4th Ty Judson, 22.20
5th Ethan Bry, 22.55
6th Ludivic Teulade, 23.00
7th Donato Freens, 23.01
8th Boris Jinresse, 24.15
9th Kaelan Lockhart, 24.25
10th Jonathan Hagan 24.28

Technical – Women
1st Amandine Chazot, 26.08
2nd Anais Guyomarch, 26.35
3rd Iona Rivet, 27.34
4th Fanny Tassier, 29.03
5th Floraine Broustal, 32.40
6th Gaelle Paponnaud, 33.18

Have a look at the Technical Race from the Live Feed, Courtesy of TotalSUP:

Images courtesy of Vendée Gliss Event

The long-distance is actually a crossing – the speedboats drop you off at the best spot and all racers have to make it back to the beach as fast as possible.

It was flat but with some ocean movement and occassional bumps.
Titouan Puyo

Must be one of the best experiences in SUP racing. You get on speed boats that take you to the start line and there your board is thrown off a boat for you to prepare for the race. You then can hardly see the finish line, you end up just following a boat for a few kilometres before the finish becomes apparent. From there it is on you to get to the finish line the fastest.

The conditions were extremely flat for an ocean race. Even though there was some movement in the water, it was very glassy. This made for a hard and hot race. The clouds came over later that made it hard to perceive any small bumps or the depth on the water, so you were going mainly off your feeling instead of your vision for stability.
Ty Judson

The event was my favourite yet- the town was stunning with intricate flower displays on every street and beautiful little
French cottages. After the brief we all jumped on a bus and got in a fleet of speed boats before jetting off to a local island for the start of the race. The boards were thrown from a cargo ship and the speed boats would ride up to them before we could jump off. From there you would typically (we had no wind), downwind back to the Ferris wheel at the main beach for the finish

“Sadly, the Vendeé Glisse is supposed to be a downwind run but we had next to no wind, with the only runners on offer from boats. However, as the race progressed there were a few bumps from a light breeze which made things very difficult with the ocean and sky being the same milky color which distorted vision. There were a couple of waves to take to the finish line! I had a great start at the front of the pack before getting a bit tippy, falling back, and eventually falling in. However, Vincent taught me to fall forward and put my weight on the paddle after throwing my hips forward and it was a great chance to try this out. I need more work but things are starting to feel very good.
Kaelan Lockhart

This event is supposed to be the big downwinder with an epic organization, but the race turned into some of the worst conditions I have ever raced in: flat but also choppy, it was so hot and super long! We did almost 19 km from an island far away from the shore.
Iona Rivet

There’s just something about speeding out on powerboats to the starting point located in the Atlantic Ocean, great organization.

Light waves on the 4km Beach Racecourse & unfortunately flatwater conditions at the long-distance.
Maui Sach

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Titouan, Iona and Kaelan chose the NSP Carolina for their race

So perfect for Carolina! Even if Ty with the ninja was hard to pass because it was mainly flatwater.
Titouan Puyo

The Carolina is the perfect board for a flat to light choppy water because it can take the bumps more easily than the ninja.
Iona Rivet

When these bumps came through the Carolina was a perfect balance of stability and speed.
Kaelan Lockhart

Read more about NSP’s Carolina here

์NSP Carolina

Ty chose the NSP Ninja for his Race

Absolutely perfect choice for me being a flat race it excelled and allowed me to push hard.
Ty Judson

Read more about NSP’s flatwater racer here


Maui chose the NSP Sonic for his race

Really liked the Speed of the Sonic in the Technical Race and the downwind/surf compatibility on smaller waves.
Maui Sach

Read more about NSP’s Sonic here


Titouan Wins Triple Crown at ICE – Long distance, Technical, and Sprints

NSP came out in full force at the ICE race on Lake Thun, Switzerland. With SUP racers, kayaks, canoes, outriggers and rowing boats at the starting line looks feels almost mystical. At t 4,274 metres (14,022 ft) above sea level and classified officially as a “freshwater Fjord”, Lake Thun presents some unique challenges.

ICE is sort-of a give-away, as falling into the water is not a pleasurable experience. With all NSP racers opting for flatwater racers, the NSP Pro Carbon Ninja was the weapon of choice at the start of the different races. And while the performance was there, conditions were less than ideal with several athletes reporting chop, crosswinds and other challenges.

The ICE Race is considered a ranking event for the ICF World Cup ranking, so several top-ranking athletes turned up, ready to give it their all and hopefully be crowned the undisputed champion of 2022.

Over the course of two days, an 18k long distance race was held, a 1km technical race and a 100 Sprint race. Titouan was in form, sweeping up all three #1 spots in all disciplines. For results and additional rankings, read more:

Long-Distance Women

1st – Speranza Barreras Sanjurjo 1:52:34
2nd – Amandine Chazot 1:56:47
3rd – Iona Rivet 1:57:21
4th – Anna Tschirky 1:57:31|
5th – Fanny Tessier  2:04:17
6th – Andrea Forrer 2:06:44
7th – Yvi Mahoney 2:09:29
8th – Petra Pyffrader 2:10:46
9th – Julen Florence  2:10:51
10th – Emmanuelle Marcon 2:12:24

Long-Distance Men

1st – Titouan Puyo 1:41:43
2nd – Bruno Hasulyo 1:41:56
3rd – Ty Judson 1:42:02
4th – Ludovic Teulade 1:45:44
5th – Filippo Mercuriali 1:45:53
6th   – Kealan Lockhart 1:46:56

26th – Maui Sach 1:57:59
28th – Andres Javier Matinez Garcia 1:59:11

Technical Women

1st – Amandine Chazot 6:56,42
2nd – Sanjurjo Esperanza Barreras 6:57,10
3rd – Iona Rivet 7:09,20
4th – Anna Tschirkyy 7:13,60
5th – Caroline Küntzel 07:19,78
6th Fanny Tessier 07:27,21
7th Erica Revil 07:47,36
8th Loreline Rossel 08:11,39

Technical Men

1st – Titouan Puyo 6:12,51
2nd – Ludovic Teulade 6:16,94
3rd – Ty, Judson 6:17,51
4th – Filippo Mercuriali 6:23,10
5th – Donato Freens 6:26,21
6th – Rafael Sirvent Salazare 6:26,32
7th – Bruno HAsulyo 6:31,21
8th – Kaelan Lockhart 6:37,00

Sprints Women

1st – Amandine Chazot 00:37,03
2nd – Esperanza Barreras Sanjurjo 00:37,33
3rd  – Erica Revil 00:40,29
4th  – Caroline Küntzel 00:42,86
5th – Iona Rivet 00:43,19
6th – Anna Tshirkyy 00:43,98
7th – Teresa Criado Candela 00:47,87
8th – Andrea Kämmerer 00:48,64

Sprints Men

1st   – Titouan Puyo 00:31,58
2nd – Filippo Mercuriali 00:31,67
3rd – Ludovic Teulade 00:31,72
4th – Boris Jinvresse 00:32,41
5th – Kaelan Lockhart 00:32,61
6th – Rafael Sirvent Salazar 00:35,58
7th – Bruno Hasulyo 00:39,74
8th -Donato Freens 00:41,08

Images courtesy of Stand Up Magazin, riders and ICF

Lake Thun long-distance/ tech race/sprints in 2 days.
Titouan Puyo

Its water temperature was around 10 degrees and the conditions were relatively flat. It was the 10th year this race was held and with the inclusion of a technical race and sprints, it’s become an unforgettable event.”

“On the distance we faced a strong headwind for the first couple of kilometers, only to find the flat water further down into the race. It was a cloudy day which made for a cold start as well. I had a tough paddle with quite a bit of boat wash – this allowed some of us to push ahead for a long paddle around some buoys for the final stretch and sprint finish.
Ty Judson

“My first 18K long distance race at this level, strong head-on winds and waves at the start plus some very choppy some nice downwind parts.”
Petra Pyffrader

This is one of my mandatory World Cup qualifiers for the World Championship in Poland. The conditions during the long-distance were pretty good. We had a little bit of upwind at the beginning but it became dead flat quickly. Then for the technical race and the sprints, it was totally flat.
Iona Rivet

First time competing in a 100 meter Sprint, passing through several heats to get to the finals.
Maui Sach

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Given the flat water of Lake Thun, all riders chose the NSP Ninja for their ICE Race

“The Ninja IS made for this!
Titouan Puyo

The ninja has been optimized for the conditions we face – not only will it power through the choppy upwind at the start, but in the flat, it glides exceptionally well.
Ty Judson

Ideal for the long 18k because light and slim.
Petra Pyffrader

The ninja in 19’ is the perfect board for flat water!
Iona Rivet

Read more about NSP’s flatwater racer here
NSP Ninja

Team NSP wins in Spanish sprints and long-distance championships

Spanish sprints and long-distance championships in Los Arenales del Sol, Grenada hosted by Central De SUP and Centro de Actividades Deportivas Universidad de Granada

200m Sprint
Female Elite
🥇 Duna Gordillo on elite
🥇 Sonia Caimari in under18
Male Elite
🥇 Antonio Morillo
🥈 Fernando Perez Serra
🥇 Daniel Parres
Long distance
Female Elite
🥈 Laura Quetglas Garcia
🥉 Duna Gordillo
Male Elite
🥇 Fernando Perez Serra
🥇 Daniel Parres

Granada a good test for the season. Saturday hosted by @centraldesup 200mt inland water sprint Spain championship. Good conditions still in the afternoon jumped a little wind and made it a bit more challenging.
🥇 bet on kahuna to congratulate my final mates Moises, Antonio, and Nuestro Julio.

We continue on Sunday with a nice 10km long-distance test which I took with the legua out Nico and congratulate my podium mates Moises and Keko again for getting the 🥇organized by @deportesugr.

Congratulations to the organization that was all like wheels and for choosing the place.

Daniel Parres

Spanish Champion sprints 2022 🏁 Thank you to everyone who has congratulated and supported me to be able to achieve it all.

Antonio Morillo

This is such a calm water condition, super perfect for speed.

Fernando Perez Serra

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All riders rode NSP Ninja at Spanish sprints and long-distance championships

Read more about the NSP Ninja
NSP Ninja

Ty Judson takes 4th place – Carolina CUP 2022 – Results and pictures

2022 Carolina Cup April 27th- May 1, 2022 at Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina

The 11th Annual Carolina Cup is a week-long event featuring clinics, demos, and 5 races. On Saturday, there was a 3.5-mile Harbor Island Recreational race, 6.5-mile Money Island Open Race, the dreaded 13-mile Graveyard Elite Race, and The Graveyard Outrigger and Surfski race. Sunday saw the technical sprint race through the surf, as well as the Kids Race.

“For spectators, the Technical Sprint is the most exciting event for SUP when it comes to ocean racing. Unlike 2021, we had both elite and recreational racers in the Technical Sprint this year, and I believe it will continue to grow.”
Dan Gavere, Event Manager

This year, the International Canoe Federation and Carolina Cup partnered to have the Technical Sprint and Graveyard Race serve as pre-qualifiers for the ICF World Series in Poland. Four ICF world champions competed in the 2022 Carolina Cup races – Ty Judson, Connor Baxter, Michael Booth and Noic Garioud.

Hawaii’s Connor Baxter and North Carolina’s April Zilg won their second consecutive Carolina Cup Technical Race this weekend. Technical races are on an oceanfront course entering and exiting the surf and testing all the paddler’s skills in one event, including surfing, speed, and steering capabilities.

The Graveyard Race Top Ten

Women’s Elite Division

1st  April Zilg, North Carolina, USA
2nd  Kim Barnes, Florida, USA
3rd  Candice Appleby, California, USA
4th  Stephanie Schideler, Long Island, NY
5th  Abby Baker, California, USA
6th  Juliette DuHaime, Argentina
7th  Emilie Fournel, Montreal, Canada
8th  Regan Littell, New Jersey, USA
9th  Jenna Blackburn, North Carolina, USA
10th Madeline LeBlanc, Ontario, Canada

Men’s Elite Division

1st  Michael Booth, Australia
2nd  Danny Ching, CA, USA
3rd  Shuri Araki, Japan
4th  Ty Judson, Australia
5th  Connor Baxter, Hawaii, USA
6th  Itzel Delgado, Peru
7th  Eri Tenorio, Brazil
8th  Daniel Hasulyo, Hungary/Thailand
9th  Bodie Von Allmen, Oregon, US
10th Tim Oliver, Ontario, Canada

Technical Sprint Top Finishers

Women’s Division

1st  April Zilg, North Carolina, USA
2nd  Candice Appleby, California, USA
3rd  Abby Baker, California, USA
4th  Juliette DuHaime, Argentina
5th  Susan Krupa McCune, California, USA

Men’s Division

1st  Connor Baxter, Hawaii, USA
2nd  Noic Garioud, New Caledonia
3rd  David Leao, Brazil
4th  Shuri Araki, Japan
5th  Ty Judson, Australia
6th  Michael Booth, Australia
7th  Daniel Hasulyo, Hungary/Thailand
8th  Eri Tenorio, Brazil

Weekend in Wrightsville beach has come to an end⛱
With the 4th place in the graveyard on Saturday and finished off the weekend with the technical beach race in 5th
Good to be back in some action!

Something about Carolina Cup would have to be one of the, if not the most competitive high profile race each year. It brings paddlers from across the world for the 13-mile graveyard race. It’s such a unique race as you can face any condition on the day. It rounds the Wrightsville beach island paddling through the intercoastal and ocean. battling winds, currents, boat wake, and waves while trying to negotiate the sandbanks incoming and outgoing tides.

The conditions were very mild. Light winds and tidal currents that we tried to hide from in half of the race then find the fast water for the seconds half as it switches down the back straight.

Ty Judson

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Ty Judson rode NSP Carolina at Carolina CUP

As described the board was made for the race. The board is extremely comfortable in the ocean and I the flats still fast and stable for when your legs get tired.
Ty Judson

Read more about the NSP Carolina

์NSP Carolina
NSP Carolina

Mia gets her first win of the year at the F.P.C. National Fund Championship

The Federação Portuguesa de Canoagem National Championship is back after 2021 public access is limited, the 2022 version will bring many passionate about modality along the banks of Tua River, Mirandela.

Something about a fantastic start to the season…F.P.C. first title of the year
Sub16 National Bottom Champion🥇🏁🇵🇹

I dedicate it to my coach Rui Ramos, Clube Fluvial Vilacondense, and my colleagues.

The race took place in the Tua River, with flat waters.
Mia Soares Silva

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Mia rode NSP Ninja at F.P.C. National Fund Championship

The ninja is the best flat water board.
Mia Soares Silva

Read more about the NSP Ninja
NSP Ninja

QLD SUP Surfing State Titles went well for the NSP crew

The 2022 Queensland Surf Festival provides the exclusive qualification pathway for Queensland athletes aiming to compete at the 2022 Australian National Titles. The festival will be held from March 16th -24th on the Sunshine Coast, and consists of disciplines including shortboard, masters, longboard/logger, SUP surfing, and bodyboarding.

Paul Jonesy wins 45+ Men longboard edition.

So cool to win the 45’s Queensland longboard title today in tricky surf at Coolum beach. I’m more excited to have the opportunity to compete in the Australian longboard title at Port Macquarie later this year.”
Paul Jonesy

Pictures Courtesy of Simon Green.

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Jonesy rode NSP Protech Longboard at Queensland Surf Festival

Top quality Longboards….. it’s so nice to have something under your feet that works so well.
Paul Jonesy

Read more about the NSP Protech Longboard here

Protech Longboard
NSP Protech Longboard

Kaelan Lockhart wins 10′ SUP Surf and takes the 2nd in SUP Surf short.

Something about To choose QLD’s representative team, QLD titles are usually a competitive event. However, due to the last-minute change of date, there was a poor showing.

Very hard conditions with a shallow bank going into a gutter => hard to make the section before a heavy close out. SLX DC Super X was insanely fun as you could get on early but the under 10ft was pretty tough given a later drop in.
Kaelan Lockhart

Pictures Courtesy of Kaelan’s Mom.

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Kaelan rode NSP SLX DC Super X and NSP SLX DC Surf X at Queensland Surf Festival

The 10fter is just awesome with the ability to nose ride through the full sections and get some serious floaters and turns in some heavy sections. The under 10ft was great on the few waves that didn’t close out.
Kaelan Lockhart

Read more about the NSP SLX DC Super X here and NSP SLX DC Surf X here

DC Super X
SLX DC Surf X deck shot

Tristan Hamson takes the 2nd in Open Men Longboard.

I decided to enter in the Queensland Surf  Open HP Longboard Titles and am stoked to place 2nd in the final. It was certainly difficult surfing small conditions – as there are some amazing competitors in the field… Looking forward to the Australian Longboard Titles in Port Macquarie later this year.
Tristan Hamson

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Tristan rode NSP CSE Pro-9 at Queensland Surf Festival

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Lucy Bowen takes the 2nd in Junior Women Longboard.

Pictures Courtesy of Simon Green.

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Lucy rode NSP PU Sleep Walker at Queensland Surf Festival

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Elements Sleep Walker White deck
NSP Elements Sleep Walker

Izzie Caldow takes the 4th in Shortboard Women.

Izzie Caldow at QLD Sufing Festival

Pretty happy with a finals finish at the Queensland Festival of Surfing in the open women’s division🤍
and to qualify for Aussies at Port Macquarie.
Izzie Caldow

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Izzie rode NSP PU Slot Machine at Queensland Surf Festival

PU Slot Machine Deck
PU Slot Machine Deck

Noosa is a wrap – Jonesy 1st, Kaelan 2nd, and Team Freddy 1st on the Australian dog surfing champion.

The Noosa Festival of Surfing is a celebration of the stoke and culture of surfing. Celebrating the joys of surfing for over 30 years at First Point Noosa, QLD, Australia.

Something about You are surfing in a National Park Surfing reserve.

Small 1-2ft right-hander running for 100 meters.
Paul Jonesy

The Noosa Festival of Surfing is iconic with world-class longboarding, sup surfing, and dog surfing at a wave that is often better at only 1ft than most other breaks are at 3ft!

The waves were a clean 1ft with great sections for nose riding after which you could throw a decent cutback.

There were 3 in the open 10ft comp due to people not being able to attend from floods. But Jonesy and Craig are two of the best SUP surfers on the Coast.
Kaelan Lockhart

Pictures Courtesy of Alexis Fernet and Fenna De King

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Jonesy and Kaelan rode NSP SLX DC Super X at the Noosa Festival of surfing

It’s got super speed and turn-ability is amazing.
Paul Jonesy

It’s a great allrounder- it encourages a good deal of water to stabilize the back as you nose ride whilst also turning like a dream.
Kaelan Lockhart

Read more about the NSP SLX DC Super X here

NSP SLX DC Super X Deck

Team Freddy – Freddy, Opal, and Lilly win Australian Dog Surfing Champions with NSP CocoFlax Allrounder, and well done for team Hugs. Hugs the dog, he was the champion for 9 years in a roll.

How special is the 2022 Noosa Festival of Surfing I get to surf with my two best mates (Hugs and Huon) in front of thousands of frothing fans, My daughter wins the dog surfing title with team Freddy and I got to surf with 2 good mates in the final of the Longboard SUP. YES, I’m a very lucky man.
Paul Jonesy

Pictures Courtesy of Simon Green.

Team Freddy rode NSP CocoFlax Allrounder at Noosa Festival of surfing

NSP CocoFlax Allrounder deck shot
CocoFlax Allrounder Blue

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Daniel Miller races to 2nd place at Hanohano Ocean Challenge

Something about The Hanohano Huki Ocean Challenge is one of the Longest Running Paddlesport Races in California

Beautiful day with sunny flat conditions and a strong outgoing tide. You have to cross the channel three or four times as you head up to SeaWorld, before turning around and riding the tide past vacation island and back into Bonita Cove for the Finish. Danny Ching had a QuickStart and got a jump on the rest of the field and the remainder of the race was spent trying to chase him down. I finished in the second draft pack approximately 2 minutes behind the leader.
Daniel Miller

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Daniel raced an NSP Ninja Pro Carbon at Hano Hano

The ninja is perfect for flatwater conditions. I ended up solo for most of the race and drafting wasn’t a factor for me as I was the head of the draft train for the full 10 km.
Daniel Miller

Read more about the NSP Ninja Pro Carbon here
NSP Ninja

NSP Women dominate GlaGla winning the long distance (Laura Quetglas Garcia) and the technical races (Fanny Tessier) on NSP.

The Spanish young guns – Fernando Serra Pérez and Quique Hurtado came in 3rd and 4th in long distance and 3rd in tecnical (Fernando).

2021 World Champion Titouan Puyo (over 20 wins) was looking to go back-to-back at the GlaGla race and was in a great position (4th) coming into the last buoy when he found himself falling into a frigid -5 degree Celsius Lake Annecy. T2 was able to get back on the board and made his way across the finish line in 7th place.
A great finish all things considered and with the 2022 race season just kicking off we look forward to T2 getting back in front of the pack soon.

Iona Rivet came in 5th and Petra Pyffrader came in 11th overall women.

We had racing:
Fernando, Titouan, Quiqueh, Alain, Vincent G, Vincent V, Laura, Iona, Petra, Paddy, Yann,

Supporting cast:
Virginie,  Manuel, Dani and Vicente

Winning on NSP: Fanny Tessier and  Thomas Dura from Spain won a 3km race on the NSP inflatable.

Pictures Courtesy of Alexis Fernet and Jean-Marc FAVRE

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Results of Technical race

Men’s podium
1st Clément Colmas
2nd Nika Leonard
3rd Fernando Serra

Results of 3Km very short distance

1st Thomas Dura
2nd Francoise Mathieu
3rd Charlotte Bourgeois

NSP’s Rider raced an NSP Ninja Pro Carbon and NSP Carolina at Gla Gla Race

Read more about the NSP Ninja Pro Carbon here and NSP Carolina Procarbon here.
NSP Ninja
์NSP Carolina
NSP Carolina

Results of 16Km long-distance

Men’s podium
1st Bruno Hasulyo
2nd Clément Colmas
3rd Fernando Serra
4th Quique Hurtado
5th Ludovic Teulade
7th Titouan Puyo
8th Oleksii Sidenko
9th Donato Freens
10th Tom Auber
Women’s podium
1st Laura Quetglas
2nd Petronella Van Malsen
3rd Anna Tshirky
4th Anais Guyomarch
5th Iona Rivet


For the full results, simply click here.

“The NSP Ninja is amazing for this condition, when it is a little choppy and more wave, it’s fly.”
“I love it”
Laura Quetglas Garcia

Gla Gla Race 2022
“Gla Gla Race event was something about paddling in hard weather conditions and between beautiful mountains.”
“Starting the race with – 3 degrees and around 600 paddlers is so epic!”
“NSP Ninja is perfect for flat conditions, especially in a lake.”
Iona Rivet
Gla Gla Race 2022

“The NSP Ninja is versatile but firstly made for flat and condition was very flat this year”
Titouan Puyo

Gla Gla Race 2022
“Something about This event is a great start of the season. Located in the French Alps Lac Annecy is one of a kind race spot with snow-covered mountains, clear skies, and water. Standing on the start line with more than 700 other paddlers is a pretty cool feeling”
“The conditions didn’t leave anything to as for. 2-4knots wind, a smooth lake, and temp around 4 degrees Celcius.”
“The acceleration and glide are great on the ninja.”
Patrick Paddy Boyum
Gla Gla Race 2022
“The condition was the very choppy cause of 700 competitors.”
“NSP Carolina is accelerating over every little wave, so much fun to ride.”
Petra Pyffrader