We are proud to announce the release of our 2019 SUP Race line. After a year of research and development and many hours of testing led by our team designer Alain Teurquetil, the team consisting of Travis Grant, Titouan Puyo and Marcus Hansen made sure this year’s range is even faster and more stable.

This weekend we will see the entire 2019 race line-up in action at the Columbia Gorge Paddle Challenge in Portland, Oregon. The latest in the line is the Carolina, famously named after the Carolina Cup. The new Carolina is a one-board quiver for all conditions; flat-water, choppy, downwind, and sidewind. Available in 4 sizes, our team riders will be utilizing the 14′ x 21.5″. Keep an eye on Titouan, Travis and newcomer to the team, Ty Judson as they battle it out on the Gorge with the Carolina.

We already know the new 2019 Molokai is a winner after Travis Grant won his 4th Molokai2Oahu title on this very same board two weeks ago.

Travis proved once again that the equipment under your feet matters and when you have a board that is stable, drives off the bumps, surfs waves and can withstand the rigours of the conditions the Molokai presents over 51 kilometres, winning is much easier.

Marcus Hansen, who won the Air France Event in Tahiti will be racing the new 2019 Sonic this weekend in the Gorge event. We look forward to seeing how the board performs over last year’s model as all the feedback from the testing sessions, points to a winning board.

Be sure to have a look at the new Puma, which is an allround favourite and a more familiar board for most riders with the flat deck area. The Puma is fast, it’s a great board in many conditions and if the wind doesn’t pick up on Hood River, the Puma could be the overall board of choice.

You can check out all the latest details and specs for each board design on their corresponding board pages and watch below as Titouan introduces the new Carolina.

We wish the team a lot of success on the new 2019 line and we recommend you test the boards at your local retailer as soon as possible. Find your NSP dealer here.