Protech hybrid

Update: Protech now available in all-white

Update 04 Nov:
With the initial batch of Protech coming to dealers in Arctic Grey, Sky blue, Aqua and regular blue, 2019 Protech boards are now also available in gorgeous matte white.

Think of Protech as lighter than Elements construction, but considerably less fragile than hand-glassed surfboards. Available at a very attractive price point, Protech boards are ideal for surfers looking to expand their quiver with performance-grade boards without breaking the bank.

New performance technology by NSP
NSP is excited to announce a new board technology offered on a select number of our most popular shapes. The new NSP Protech boards offer incredible value and custom-spec characteristics at an affordable price, making them the first choice for performance-oriented surfers or first-time buyers alike.

Carbon Flex Tail
Strategically applied to the back end of the rails, the Carbon Flex Tail provides increased durability. A Carbon Flex Tail is also more responsive than a conventional construction and provides unparalleled flex response in turns.

Custom finish
Hand-laminated, NSP PROTECH construction closes the gap between custom made boards and sustainable manufacturing. Laminating an EPS-moulded core with epoxy resin makes NSP PROTECH boards more durable, with generous float.

Sustainable Surf
NSP PROTECH boards are Eco-Board certified. Shaving a complete blank of foam down to the desired shape uses up a lot of resources. An EPS-moulded blank requires just minimal shaping and significantly reduces environmental impact. The use of bio resin helps reducing the footprint of NSP PROTECH boards even further.

SecureCell EPS
By fully encasing the EPS core in a military-grade fiber epoxy shell, the longevity of NSP PROTECH boards is increased while maintaining all performance characteristics.

Protech Funboard
Photo: Andrew Shields Rider: Alex Dietrich

PROTECH Longboard
Longboarding fans looking for a great addition to their quiver take notice. The 8’6” and 9’0” are excellent boards for recreational to advanced riders looking to catch waves in any condition. With enough volume and thickness, there’s no sacrificing smooth style and fluidity when experts take a walk up and down the board or Hang 10 on the nose.

The PROTECH Longboard comes with Center 8″ and 2x M3 side fins, ready to surf.

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PROTECH Funboard
Recreational surfers looking for a 7’2” or 7’6” are well served with the PROTECH Funboard. With a new shape for 2018, these boards are incredibly fun, incredibly forgiving and they look amazing with that hand-laminated finish.

The PROTECH Funboard comes with standard M3 fins, ready to surf.

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For floatation, traction down the line, speed and maximum drive, the PROTECH Fish is the perfect board for a wide variety of conditions. Both the 6’4” and the 6’8” come with tri-fin/thruster setup, a forgiving shape and a wide nose for stability and easy entry into smaller waves.

The PROTECH Fish comes with standard M3 fins, ready to surf.

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Great for intermediate to advanced surfers looking for a user-friendly shortboard, the 5’9” and the 6’2” are the PROTECH Hybrids. With a tri-fin/thruster setup, a wide nose and performance rails, these boards are fast, stable and manoeuvrable on the wave.

The PROTECH Hybrid comes with standard M3 fins, ready to surf.

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