“My job is to share my passion connecting with people across the globe”

1) Who is Jeramie Vaine?

A 38 years old traveler, a lover of all things water, a student and a teacher. With passion to grow as much as humanly possible. Every time I arrive on the water, my mat, board or in the midst of exploring.

Growing up on a small lake in Central New England, the water and I were introduced at a young age. Through wakeboarding, fishing and swimming. And then at the age of 17, teaching entered into my life. Following the path of watersports, the sport of wakeboarding was my segue. This sport would also serve as the gateway to stand up paddleboarding and yoga.

The introduction to both SUP and yoga occurred in 2011. During this time the passion of teaching was being fulfilled through stand up paddleboard lessons. But it was not until 2014 when the connection to teach yoga occured. Receiving my CorePower Yoga 200-hour Power Yoga teaching certification. It all came full circle.

Today my journeys allow me to share my passions through teaching yoga and stand up paddling. Connecting with people across the globe. Whether it be through direct contact at Wanderlust Festival’s, Stand Up Paddleboard events, workshops, and trainings. Or through a virtual connection of writing, blogging or social media.  
These opportunities continue to fuel my passion to step outside of the normalities of life and into the unknown. Connecting with inspiring people who share unique, powerful stories.

And you’ll most likely find me on the water enjoying a surf session at a stand up paddleboard race, a SUP Yoga class or stand up paddleboard fishing.

2) What do SUP and Surf bring to your life?
These two sports continue to open my eyes to life on the water and connect me to a community of people that truly inspire me to keep doing what I love. Over the years stand up paddling has continued to open my world up to new avenues. First, it was racing and surfing, then SUP yoga and now stand up paddleboard fishing.
But one of the most important parts that stand up paddling has offered is having the chance to paddle with my family and friends. From my nephews who all are under the age of 5 and my Mom, Dad, Sister and Brother in law. It has shown me that our sport has no barriers.
3) What is your role at NSP?
I am very fortunate to work alongside the team at NSP here in North America through Surftech. I assist our team with helping to get the boards they need under their feet. As well as find new potential athletes that can help the brand grow. 
It truly is a dream come true as I am able to meet athletes from across the globe and watch them do what they do best and sometimes even join in on the fun. 
4) As the international team manager and brand ambassador, what do you think about the team for this new season?
With the product line we have and the small but impressive team. 2018 is going to be another banner year for the brand. As we have athletes from across the globe showcasing the sport and brand in so many ways. 
From adventure trips up in the mountains seeking out alpine lakes. Racers standing a top the podium, from the Pro ranks to our regional stand out athletes. Athletes bringing their passion of yoga to the water and sharing it with others. Fisherman landing trophy fish from a top of our stand up paddle model. And surfers chasing the perfect wave down.
It is going to be one of those years where we will see some amazing things and continue to pick up where 2017 left off.
5) What was your best moment in 2017?
2017 was filled with some great memories. Starting the year off in the Caribbean with my good friends Isabelle Picard and fellow team rider Bill Kraft. Set the tone for the year. We attended some epic races in Puerto Rico and in the United States Virgin Islands. 
The Wanderlust Yoga Festival always ranks high in a year of memories as it is set in beautiful places throughout North America. And I have the chance to meet so many inspirational people.
Then we had the Gorge Paddle Challenge in Hood River. The NSP Team came over in full force. With the likes of Travis Grant, Alain Teurquetil, Titou Puyo, Vincent Verhoeven, Alex Bicrel and Bill Kraft all in attendance. As well as our dealers like Bob and Kim Rueter of Gorge Performance in Portland.
Having a chance to spend time on and off the water was truly a memorable experience. From epic downwind runs to yoga sessions and a demo day it was one of the highlights of the year. 
Photographer: Marissa Williams
6) You’ve tried almost every board of the 2018 range, can you give us your impression?
The 2018 range is a game changer. Not that the previous years range didn’t have some awesome models. But the team progressed the line so much. From the new Elements surf shapes to the Cocomat yoga board called the Lotus and the race line up by Alain, Travis, Titou and the rest of the team worked so hard on. Making world class shapes for all ability levels of paddlers. 
The connection with the environment and NSPs focus to help create a sustainable product has been a huge addition as well.  Every time something comes out of headquarters I am blown away with what the team has created. 
With our 2018 season just kicking off here in the states I am beyond stoked to get these boards out on the water. As people here are already seeking them out. It is going to be a banner year thanks to the 2018 product line.