In the beginning…

In the Beginning

NSP was born in 2001 from the vision of Bruce “Buzz” Hansen, a life-long surfer, skater and allround waterman.

While working in Maui as a custom surfboard builder Buzz had an epiphany for producing affordable, versatile, durable and great performing surfboards. Buzz correctly realized there were everyday surfers that needed an affordable board that performed in Hawaii, yet they didn’t require “custom” or specialized competition or extreme surf boards. His dream was a utilitarian surfboard that could ride in the back of the pick-up truck to the beach, be left in the sun all-day or loaned to a friend without fear of damage – of course it had to surf good enough to give to his long-time surfing buddies, neighbors and friends.

The quest began, so Buzz summoned friends working for a leading composites manufacturer with the goal to create a light, highly durable surf board at highly competitive prices. Working together they introduced a new epoxy technology that would go on to revolutionize the industry and quite possibly recreational surfing. Week-end and occasional surfers were no longer subject to the ill-performing “foamies” or relegated to the used board market.

The code name while in development was “New Surf Project”. Somehow the name stuck and “NSP” was established. The word “New” reflected the brands identity, using new technologies that were new to the market and a new way of thinking about the surf industry.

NSP began selling in Hawaii and Australia in 2002 with immediate success making surfing more accessible. In 2007 NSP was one of the first brands to produce SUPs based on the brand’s original concept of performance and value.

Since 2013 NSP started producing some of the fastest SUP race boards on the planet, 4 years on we have many national and world class athletes riding NSP and winning some of the most sought after and prestigious titles in SUP competitions.

Today NSP has become one of the world’s largest brands in recreational surfing, stand-up paddleboards and foiling, introducing new participants, young and old, who in turn have introduced their friends and family to the joy and freedom of the sport and brand.

Over 20 years hundreds of thousands of boards have passed, yet our core values haven’t changed. NSP remains true to the original vision of the great performing, affordable, durable surf or paddleboard that allows everyone to surf.