Gla Gla Race: Behind the Scenes with Travis Grant

Gla Gla Race: Behind the Scenes with Travis Grant

Heaps of snow and hundreds of racers gathering in the French Alps, can only mean one thing… Gla Gla SUP Racing. Over 500 stand up paddle board racers participated in the largest SUP event to date. We have all seen the live updates, we know the winners… but what we have yet to see, until now, is behind the scenes action, the stuff that people really care about.

Thanks to SUPracer and Travis Grant… surrounded by snow capped mountains and frigid conditions, we now get to experience first hand what it’s like to travel to one of the most majestic areas of France. Chris Parker takes us behind the scenes with NSP Team Rider Travis Grant, who provides us with a very colorful take on his experience.

The big question, will Travis do it again?  You’ll need to watch the full video to find the answer and a whole lot more. All we can say, be sure to follow the Gla Gla Facebook page and look for their “registration is now open”  announcement.

Check out the 14’0″ x 23.5″ Puma race board that Travis is riding. Or, to see the full range, have a look at our NSP SUP website racing page.